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Additional Referrals and Resources:

Social Security Administration (SSA)
SSA has a missing and lost loved one’s program. They have a database system which lists various names and addresses of individuals (not just those who are collecting social security). Families can call: (800) 772-1213 and ask for the Division of Certification and Coverage (this is the dept. they need to be directed to). That department will give them instructions on how to submit a letter to the SSA so the SSA can determine if they are able to forward it on to the missing person. The SSA will not tell you, however, if they have that person’s address or not. They will simply accept a letter and forward it on if possible. It is then up to the missing person to contact you at that point if they receive your letter.

Salvation Army
The Salvation Army may be able to assist families with a missing person, missing 6+ months and over age 18. The family calls the Salvation Army location closest to them. In some cases, they may be able to utilize resources through the regular mail: Social Security Administration, DMV, etc. It doesn't seem to conflict with police investigations, but may also useful for families without a report. The phone number for the Headquarters is (800)698-7728.

One Missing Link (OML)
OML is a non-profit organization in Missouri dedicated with assisting families with missing persons regardless of age. OML helps with counseling, emotional support, referrals, and poster distribution. OML can be reached at (800) 555-7037 or (417)886-5836.

Utilizing a Private Investigator
In the event we are unable to assist a family of a missing person, one of the many options available is to utilize the services of a Private Investigator. When contemplating use of a third party, NCMA expressly recommends families to request references, background checks and all relevant information to assist in making this important decision. When a third party is contracted to assist with the investigation of a criminal case, it is also critical that the primary law enforcement agency is kept informed and vital information relevant shared with that agency. Though we do not have a formal referral program, we have received favorable feedback from families who have retained the services of Thomas Lauth of Lauth Investigations International, Inc. Thomas Lauth is an Indianapolis Private Investigator offering services globally. Lauth Investigations specializes in Missing Persons Investigations. Families may contact Tom Lauth directly:
(317) 951-1100
(800) 889-3463

Website Resources
Looking up information on a missing person
Looking up information on a missing person
Looking up information on a missing person
Looking up information on a missing person missing loved one
NPO that is International, lost connections
Registers the next of kin in case law enforcement needs to contact family of a deceased individual
Homeless Shelters
Hospital Search
Hospital Search
Hospital Search
Hospital Search
Hospital Search
Jail Search
National Alliance for Mental Illness
The Missing Persons Index is a new resource for clients requiring the services of investigation and tracing agencies to locate missing persons.

MPI's clients are drawn mainly from the commercial, legal, banking, insurance and debt collection sectors. Its website is a portal for the investigation industry, advertising details of individuals who its clients wish to contact. These people may be debtors, witnesses, or beneficiaries of a will, or perhaps people to be served with legal process. MPI offers professional investigators rewards for providing information confirming the missing person's current whereabouts.

When a client has keyed details of the missing person into the website, the MPI telegraphs multiple or individual cases to 1000s of investigators at the same time, thus saving time and significantly increasing the chances of successfully resolving difficult cases.

Clients can post cases on to the MPI website for free and the service operates on a 'no trace, no fee' basis. If a trace is made, there are two cost elements involved, namely 'rewards', which are offered by the client, and 'verification fees'.

For further information, visit
Search Reports, Inc./Central Registry of the Missing

Address: Address unknown. Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604 USA
Contact Name: Burkhard, Anthony P.
Phone: (201) 288-4445
Fax: (201) 288-8055

Description: Distributes publication containing missing persons flyers and detailed data on unidentified deceased individuals to 45,000 groups, including: municipal, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies; medical facilities; social services agencies such as youth shelters, runaway homes, and counseling services. Objective is to locate missing persons including juvenile runaways, child victims of custodial snatchings, and missing adults. Participates in seminars; researches news media data; compiles statistics. Encourages local development of citizen volunteer rehabilitation and preventive programs.



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