This is a Message for Loved ones of the Missing: ONE MAJOR rule of thumb is to NEVER involve yourself, or your case with anyone with an AGENDA!!! If they are looking for money, notoriety, or any type of reward, they are dangerous! It is too risky to allow someone who is so self serving to be involved in a case as sensitive as this.


They will not handle things in your best interest or concidering the integrity of your case! They are selfish people who are desperately looking for an opportunity to take advantage of you in this time of panic and pain! They will come accross compassionate and like they know what you are going through, but that is all rehearsed! WATCH FOR THE RED FLAGS! They ask for money, they talk about the expenses, they ask you to contact the media, they prepare press releases, they give your contact information to other people just like them so they can prey on you too!!
Do your homework before rusting someone with your case! Have they ever found anyone before? They may say so, but they cannot make false claims in real news stories, so check the sources, like local newspapers, etc. What kind of resources do they have? What is the operating principles and procedures that they follow? Do NOT be afraid to ask very specific questions about what thier intentions are, and why they are helping people, (you). 
I KNOW! I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING for my sister and her little girl for nearly TEN years and I have watched this EXPLODE as an industry filled with opportunities to take advantage of people who are suffering and are desperate to find answers! They cannot help you, they are not in this for YOU, THEY ARE IN IT for themselves! PLEASE be aware and protect yourselves!!
Currently, there is a BULK email going out to Families of missing loved ones from an organization called PROJECT ANGEL EYES...It appears to be a marketing scam for a large group of psychics! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! They will tell you heart wrenching things, get you on the edge of your seat, then ask you for money to help you find your loved one!
There are a few wonderful people, advocates and true angels on earth who will help guide you in the right directiuon so that you can get the help you need with your case. MANY OF THEM ARE RIGHT HERE ON PEACE4!!
I KNOW the heartache and desperation you are going through, but PLEASE do not choose to work with, advocate for, or help these people to further thier agenda of shamelessly taking advantage of people whos hearts are already breaking!!
Love & Prayers
 Sharon Garry

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exactly ... that's the words I meant to say/couldn't find ... lol ... thx ... ;-)
When dialogs such as what is happening on this thread takes place all I can say is WOW! For so long the families of the missing were told to go home like good little girls and boys and sit quietly. It has only been in recent years where the families have started to use their voices. It's so sad to think though that there are over 100,000 missing but 99.9999% of their families sit at home in silence and in grief and fear that if they say the wrong thing make the wrong move they will destroy any chance of ever seeing their loved one again. They suffer alone. That makes me so sad. It doesn't matter if the families are out here and sometimes their voices might say the wrong thing or say the right thing and be misunderstood the point is they are using their voices. They aren't suffering in silence. Keep talking everybody. This whole thing is really in it's infancy and it is us right now at this moment in time that can make it better/easier for the families to come.
Thanks again Maureen and Sara...I didnt have to feel alone and was able to say what I felt was necessarry and helpful...Im sorry if it made people angry. I only wanted to make people who were GUILTY of the things I was describing angry...NOT sure if I accomplished that...MAYBE!!? Night, {{HUGZ}}
Don't apologize for having courage, Sharon!

You did NOTHING wrong!!

Wise one ... ditto ... ;-)

While there are many Missing Person Organizations and Private Investigators who Do what they claim to do and keep the Committments they make to the Families and Loved ones of the missing, there are some who do NOT! To those who DO work hard, to help and support the families I say, GOD Bless you!! and to those who DO work hard to help LE solve cases! I say you are Heros and Angels on Earth!
I am not pointing the finger at any ONE secific Organization or Private Investigator, but I am saying that if the shoe fits...change your shoes!! Its time that everyone who deals with the VICTIMS who are LEFT BEHIND by the MISSING to be accountable for thier actions and are no longer allowed to re-victimize us by a system filled with people who take advantage of and abuse us! Be accountable! Do this right!
I am sorry if this thread struck some nerves, or hurt some feelings...but then I would have to ask, WHY? Because you could relate to doing any of these things to Victims families? Then shame on YOU!
See "What are the current guidelines used within the missing persons field?"

I posted the Association of Missing and Exploited Children's Organizations (AMECO) Code of Ethics.
Firstly, I apologize for sidenote/kind of off subject here ... BUT ... you have no idea just how long I've been waiting for someone to say "if the shoe fits" .... lol .... why it's been ..... ever since I first discovered the pic below ... ;-)

Thats hillarious!!! Thanks Sara!
I figured you could use (and deserve) a little smile today .. ;-)
I would first like to say how amazing the orginal article is and how everyone's feedback is very insightful.
There are scammers with credentials and scammers without. It's hard to find the "Right Person" when it comes to matters like this. Why not write a discussion called "Resources for the Family's of the Missing" or something along the line of that? It seems there are a lot of people on peace for the missing that know of good services for those suffering loss. If this is done then it's a step closer to silencing the scammers. Also when people are looking for help online, they would be directed to a blog containg a list of trusted people instead of a list of people that could potentially hurt the case more then helping it. Many family's of the missing are not given good information or are ignored by LE. When people read this article, they will be adequatly informed of the dangers of less then integral people. While knowing what to avoid is good, one question remains; Since there are scammers out there, who do I go to? I know it's important to get good credentials, but let's think about that for a moment. Some people who are ill seek the best doctor with the highest sucess rate and spend thousands of dollars to not be healed. Does that mean the doctor is no good? There have been missing person cases that have highly respected, decorated officers leading the investigation that don't care or accept a private investigators findings. This leaves the investigation up to the grieving and distraught. Unfortunatly this article does not spotlight the fakes. I understand that a list of all scammers worldwide is not going to be made because no-one knows who all the scammers are. I propose that anyone that knows the good people(credentials or not) should spotlight them on this site. If one person reads it and uses the real deal, then the article will serve great importance. The internet is a powerful tool and so is this site. Instead of having a good debate, let's pool together to get the proper information to those suffering great loss and lead them a few step closer to answers. are right Brian!



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