Families of the missing....think back to those first days, first weeks that your loved one was missing. 


1)  Did you use the media (TV News, Newspapers, Radio Stations) as a way to bring awareness?


2)  If yes, with what you know now and have experienced would you still use the media early on? Or, would you wait longer?


3)  Did you use an already drawn up statement and not field any questions?


4)  If no, do you wish you had used a drawn up statement?


5)  Did law enforcment ask you to not use media because they felt it wouldn't help their investigation?  Any other reasons given?


6) Every case is different and there are some cases that the circumstances are such that media might not be a good idea so if it fits was/is your case one that perhaps should not have gotten media or have media now? 


*****Please respond ASAP ..... there is a reason.





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Great questions!  I shared out on twitter and facebook as well ...


Btw, you've been doing an AWESOME job advocating, Mo ... I know you're working your tail off for many others - it shows ... so proud of and thankful for you!!! xoxo
Thanks Sara.
We did not talk to media for a few days, per request of Chicago Police.  When we did we talked to anyone and everyone.  Avoid those who want to sensationalize to the point of complicating the investigation.  We need press to distribute information, but not to make a circus of our family.  I guess if you consider psychics as media, have nothing to do with them.  If they can bring your loved ones home tell them do it, but do not give them money or let them coerce money from your family or friends.
Thanks Don.
GOTI (Get Out the Information) is critical.  I don't see where there is any option.  Without the power of mass communications, you cannot hope to canvas at that level.  I would even go so far as to say that if a family is sufficiently uncomfortable with the media that they should bring in a trained professional to assist in the development of story ideas, media contacts, scheduling of interviews, and assisting with requests for corrections.  Once an event is but a few days old, it is no longer a "story," and that is not where you want to be.  While I realize this may not be a popular response, it is the one item to which I have a strong opinion.  Hope that helps!

Left as a comment on Peace4's FB page ...


Kara Kampen

If you are signed up on the site - you are more than welcome to share the following:

1) Media - all forms- was utilized early on when Lindsey first went missing. It is one of the best ways to let outside communities know that a person is missing, what to look for and know to keep their eyes open.

2) Definitely would NOT have waited longer. Would have been better if it had taken place sooner. I feel a day or two without the public knowing someone is missing only heeds to let people's memories dull - and opportunities can be lost.

3) No drawn up statements. A little guidance from law enforcement regarding things not to mention to protect the "investigation and identification" aspects of the case - but the majority of statements done without any "prep" what-so-ever.

4) Drawn up statements can be cold and not taken as well by the community. In every situation there will be speculation and a cold statement can lead to pre-judgement which can have adverse affects on the missing's loved ones. However, some cases and situations could benefit by having some guidance as to what can and should be shared or having the opportunity to "practice" what they will say so as to not get caught up and mention information that should not be made public.

5) Never told Not to but many times told to go through or check with law enforcement before doing media. Later on - regular media was discouraged. Main reason being the public becomes de-sensitized to the case or may lose interest if it is constantly in their face.

6) Definitely should have gotten media attention.

Tell Kara thank you for me!


THERE is NO comparison, MEDIA can make or break a case wide open.AWARENESS is KEY by using MEDIA OUTLETS.EVERY Year we are on TV raising Awrfeness FOr a woman KIMBERLTY ANN CLARK LANGWELL.She is still missing ,but each time there are tips called in.WE SAY YES MEDSIA IS KEY TAKE ADVATAHGE OF IT!

GOD BLESS ALL searching for a missing loved one!

Thanks DeDe!
The local media wrote many stories when Elizabeth Gill went missing. I'm sure there was local TV coverage, but news  very limited in 1965. No cable news and national coverage too was limited.  There was no national coverage other than a few AP news articles. There were several newspaper stories that had errors. Knowing what I know now we would have pushed the media to do more and today they certainly would. A prepared statement by the family SHIOULD always be done and I think my Dad made that pleading statement - as to who saw it, I would guess very few.  Back in 1965 families weren't encourage to talk to media - the police did that. With information the police had, I truly believe that  Elizabeth Gill would have been found quickly. The police had vehicle descriptions and license plates of "persons of interest." They even knew where the autos were purchased - in a northern state. The FBI wouldn't help and locals could not get the word out. Sad but true - we didn't have the money or the importance to bring Elizabeth Gill home in 1965. Now it's up to us to keep pushing her story until she finds us.



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