Have you ever received any backlash for your involvement in missing persons awareness?

What is the nature of this "backlash," and does it make any sense?


We’d love to see you get involved in Peace4 the Missing - Your participation is most welcomed and encouraged!

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No, why would people, when your trying to help them.

No. But am asked to add one or get spelling right. Thanked a few times

January 1, 2008 - "I had been following the Tragic Story in the news of a 24 year old hiker & her dog, that were lost on the AT/ Blood Mountain, GA: Meredith 'Hope' Emerson & her black Lab puppy; Ella..

I live in the North Ga Mountains in an area known as Wolfscratch Wilderness. At 6:30PM on 01/03/2008, while enroute home, I saw a white van hidden suspiciously in the Forest, adjacent to a large field on the Amicacola River near my home.
Although not uncommon, due to many factors, it raised  red flags:

. It was 17 degrees with 50 MPH winds, a campfire ban, trout fishing & hunting season had ended on 12/31/2007, etc. This raised a red flag or suspicion as to why the van was hidden in the woods. Mr Mathis; the owner of the land, gives permission and the combination to a locked cable for friends, relatives, etc. to camp, hunt, & fish on his 20 acre tract of land. When I rode by the cable I looked at the lock and it was locked. This indicated that the folks camping had permission from the landowner to camp there.

At this time, I had no reason to believe it to be related to the Meredith Hope Emerson abduction, due to the GBI reports via the media, which stated that she was only lost on Blood Mtn., which was over 60 miles away..

I have been backtracking & researching a sadistical, malignant, psychopathic Serial Killer named Gary Michael  since 01/06/08 when he held an innocent victim within 200 yards of my dream home. GMH held Meredith in captivity in the attic at night, and by day, in the abandoned Desmore farmhouse due to frigid weather and in the outbuildings/sheds & adjacent property during the daytime..

 Meredith 'Hope' Emerson(Blood Mountain, GA) Hiker: a Kindred Spirit and Fighter: would be the catalyst for his eventual capture by Law Enforcement due to an aware citizen's 911 call on 01/04/2008.

Meredith 'Hope' Emerson, valiantly brought his 4+ decades, evil reign of terror to an abrupt end... Meredith knew what GMH was, what he had done in the past, and the evil deeds that he would do in the future. She refused to give him her ATM PIN numbers for 4 very long days of captivity, buying time for a rescue which never came..

Meredith, courageously fought GMH with mind, body, & spirit, sacrificing her life, so that other innocent victims may live..


The newly built dream home, in Wolfscratch Wilderness, literally turned into a 'Nightmare'... _________
At sunrise on 01/06/2008, I began an independent search for her remains, focusing on abandoned wells and houses.The information that I have gathered has come from conventional and nonconventional investigative techniques and methods.
As an outdoorsman and woodsman, I have hunted, hiked, and explored this area of the North GA Mountains for over forty years. Gary Michael(Mack) Hilton, knew this Forest,  much better than I...GMH, was also a hunter; a hunter of humans...

The obvious signs, patterns, and residue discovered during the Journey, painted a very tragic, evil, & bleak picture... 'Sometimes Life imitates Art"....'In a GBI interview Gary Hilton describes himself as an artist'.. GMH said, "My Life is my Art"...

*All findings & conclusions from the journey are documented...


Have you ever received any backlash for your involvement in missing persons awareness?

What is the nature of this "backlash," and does it make any sense?


'A partial list of the backlash suffered throughout the four year journey'  -


*  Threatening calls from local Real Estate Brokers


*  Local LE disregarding evidence when contacted, warning me to back off & seek psychological help-said GMH is only a petty thief & drifter...


*  DCSO (GA) - 3 cruisers & multiple sheriffs deputies responded to my home for interrogation/intimidation(Broker complaint)


*  Banned from many crime forums due to speculation/conjecture & no media links - Info shared was later verified by experts & LE at FL Death Penalty trial for abduction/murder of Cheryl Dunlap.


*  Fannin Co (GA) Sheriff's Dept - 18 months after GMH's arrest, a campsite/cache  was located at Coopers Creek WMA-Suches, GA.  After responding & searching/asking questions, etc., while enroute home, pulled over by 3 LE cruisers from 2 counties & put through a dangerous felon take down with a 9 milimeter glock pointed at my head by a good ole boy with a very shaky hand...handcuffed, placed in the cruiser while my truck was searched & researched for over an hour.  Escorted to Union Co SO where it was searched again & another interogation/debate ensued..  I was asked by the Lt., "why do you know so much about GMH"?  My response, "why in the hell don't you"?  Aproximately one year after Meredith was abducted by a stranger, Kristi Cornwell, was abducted by a predator, only 4 miles away, also by a stranger sexual predator....


What is the nature of this "backlash," and does it make any sense?


"Although this was only a smidget of the backlash endured, it does not compare to the backlash of GMH's many innocent victims, and their families & loved ones...


Inside Dateline - Aug. 26: 'Mystery on Blood Mountain'

Aug 23, 2011 – Dennis Murphy reports on how the case of a young woman who went missing in Blood Mountain in the Chattahoochee National Forest lead to ... 5 Parts







I would'nt call it backlash,but mine an OPEN ENDED THREAT.DOES'NT matter i will NEVER STOP RAISING AWARENESS for the MISSING!



America's Missing,Abducted and Lost Person aka A.M.A.L.P  MINISTRY



DeDe, RE: I would'nt call it backlash,but mine an OPEN ENDED THREAT.DOES'NT matter i will NEVER STOP RAISING AWARENESS for the MISSING!

'God Bless you for what you do DeDe'! Can you elaborate on the open ended threat?





Putting up posters of what to look for. These are the murderer's parents. This is after Doug Stewart was convicted to life w/o parole. We still search for Venus' remains.


It sometimes seems to me that people feel more comfortable sharing a photo of a missing pet more than one of a missing adult human being.

Billy's case is filled wth backlash....we are very disappointed in many of their behaviors. This should never happen but yet it does.  We thank God for the good people who try and help because there is a side of people I really never knew existed. 

Knowledge is power and we must never give up and keep Faith . 

No not from Peace4 The Missing!!! But my own Highway of Tears for missing and murdered women website.

I am going through a nightmarish problem with both the FBI and RCMP. I am sorry I cant fully tell you right now a it is still an unsolved Police File. And it needs to stay confidential so that the Media will not know at this time.

Please all of you who read this make this confidentiality to me a promise.

Having tried to do the right thing, NO, before God, I am not at all perfect. But trying to help people with a number of missing and abuse websites, I have now stopped updating my Highway of Tears website and desperately am trying to find someone to take over my I am Missing website.

This is just a very short and last part of a letter I wrote my family;

"Running the website and trying to do the right thing has hit me squarely in the heart.

I plan to quickly and WILL STOP my websites, as well as my Facebook account, which I did. That’s enough, no more, I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE!! (I stopped updating my Highway of Tears website)

Why God, WHY I ask, soaked in Tears."

I know how it ages people and effects thier health. Depression sets in. I have told myself, this is the last time,I cannot do this. I am overwelmed by the research, time away from my living family members,also feel guilt for not trying harder. After a search I drive home, thinking I could have missed her somewhere, I feel like I left her lost once again. I don't cry in front of people. I do it when I'm alone. There are so many that count on me, I don't want them to see me weak. Just realize that you are one person. One can do many great things, just don't spread yourself out too much.

After rambling, (sorry), The world needs caring people like you. Without this site I would be lost. My thanks for keeping me (half) sane to all of you! I support anything you need to do to be happy in this life.

Thank you, Mary Ellen - beautiful, true, wise words .... "The world DOES need more caring people like you" , Tony ... xoxoxo

Oh boy loaded question there Sara!

All I can say is that anyone that ever gave me backlash walks on the side of evil and I bring them down.  I don't tolerate bull shit, I don't tolerate anyone hurting and/or preying on the families of the missing.  No one can harass, intimidate me nor stomp on my reputation in hopes of making me stop supporting the families ... will never happen ... I walk on the side of good, on the side of God.



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