When a loved one goes missing you want to be able to find them quickly. After checking with family and friends of your loved one the next thing to do is to check all of the local hospital to see if they have been in an accident or other illness. Here are simple directions that will help you along the way.

Things You'll Need:
  • Missing person's information
  • Picture
  • Detailed description
  • Telephone
  • Internet or telephone book

  1. Locate all the telephone numbers to the hospitals in the surrounding area of where the missing person lives or was last seen. You
    can do this with a telephone book (Yellow Pages) or by looking on the Internet.

  2. Start down the list of numbers and call every hospital on the list.

  3. Ask if the hospital has anyone who did not have identification if the missing person is not listed as a patient. These
    people are called John or Jane Doe.

  4. Ask to be directed to the hospital unit that the person is located if the hospital does have an unidentified person.

  5. Ask for the head nurse once you are transferred. Give a detailed description of your missing person and ask her to check to see
    if the John or Jane Doe resembles this description.

  6. Go to the hospital with a picture of your missing loved one to have someone compare the photo to the person in their care if the
    head nurse thinks there is a resemblance.

  7. Continue down the list of hospitals and repeat the steps with each hospital.

Read more: How to Check Hospitals for Missing Persons | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_4493606_check-hospitals-missing-persons.htm...

Video on How to Check Hospitals for Missing Persons -- powered by demandvideo.com

"If you're trying to locate a missing person, a good place to check would
be a local hospital. I'm Dan Carlson, I'm a nurse and today we're going
to go over, "How to find a missing person in a hospital". First things
you need to do is, find out where the person was last seen or last heard
of. If, maybe they could turn up in a hospital around there. Start
there by looking in the yellow pages or online and find hospitals,
clinics, stuff like that where you can locate a missing person. Then
what you need to do is take a picture of that person and bring it with
so that, you know, if they are resembling this person, the patient that
looks this, it'll make a lot easier for the search if they don't have a
name with them. Some patients come in unconscious and they don't have
any identification, they're referred to as Jane or John Doe. So picture
can help a lot. First thing you want to do is go to the receptionist,
find them, talk to them about, maybe this person's here for something,
check with the emergency room; that's usually the first place they'll
come in. You want to talk to pretty much everyone you can and if you
can't do that, just repeat the whole process for the next closest
hospital. Also, don't forget call 911. See if they're turn up anything
about the person you're missing. Know where they were last seen, get a
picture of them, check at all the lose ends you can find. I'm Dan
Carlson. Thank you very much.

Read more: How to Check Hospitals for Missing Persons | Answerbag http://www.answerbag.com/video/how-to-check-hospitals-for-missing-p...

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Excellent! It's important to note that the law is strict about who hospital employee's will speak with! However, once you understand the laws and who will and won't speak with you etc, note that the methods above are not only good for newly missing, but also those who have been missing for years. You can check your local hospitals, surrounding hospitals and hospitals in States where your loved one was last seen. If you need assistance gaining access to these County run facilities, check with the State Guardians Office or similar type office that might be able to provide you with some assistance. There are many people in hospitals under John and Jane Doe for many reasons, such as amnesia, or head injuries. Hospitals are a great resource when looking for your loved no matter how long they have been missing. Remember though its okay to employ or seek out agencies to help you with your search so you do not have to go it alone. Many States have missing persons organizations and many of those organizations are helpful even when not in the same State. Reach out to various services that might provide you with the specialized assistance you need. They are there to help you in your time of need.

Thank you for writing this article. It's very valuable information.
Thank you so much for adding to it, Rebel! xoxo
Great information!
There is a set of laws called HIPAA laws which were designed to protect patient privacy. They could be a stumbling block to finding someone, because a staff member could lose his or her job just for telling you if your loved one is a patient there.The person you are questioning might really want to help you but be afraid.Sometimes it might be helpful to speak to hospital Security or to the Charge Person in the Emergency Room if you're not getting anywhere.
Thank you for bringing that up....I didn't want to be once again the person who downs something. The HIPAA laws slapped me in the face and put up road blocks the entire time I was searching for my husband.

However I still emailed and faxed flyers to hospitals, rehabs, shelters, etc., in the hopes that some staff member would break the rules if my husband was there and have enough compassion to let me know.

Families....just plow through roadblocks.
Agreed people hear HIPAA and all sort of red flags go up. Yes, I agree 100% with AW - well stated. Finding the "right" person who can speak with you at the Hospital is the way to go. As stated that is usually someone in charge. I have found that security personnel will direct you to someone who can and usually will help. The person who helps usually high in admin has been given the authority to do so. From that point they take the information and distribute it to their staff and sister hospitals if any. Well stated AW - thank you for clarifying and adding valuable information. This is such an important article Sara - well done!



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