Huge Awareness for all Peace4 Members as Investigation Discovery's Disappeared highlights Peace4 the Missing!

We're so thankful to Investigation Discovery's hit show Disappeared for featuring and sharing awareness of Peace4 the Missing!!! 
This directly and positively affects every actively involved member on Peace4 the Missing as much awareness is currently being created for all of you by having this major network and program refer Peace4 to others and share our Peace4 main site ( posts on their site.
And most notably of all, we extend all of our gratitude to Disappeared for doing such a powerful and propelling job of sharing the stories of our missing loved ones ... ♥


This is a HUGE deal!  Please do take the time and effort to share the story of your Missing Loved One here on Peace4 the Missing via either a blog post or forum discussion ... speak from your heart ... people ARE listening ... xoxoxo



PEACE4 THE MISSING: Voice Platform and Support Network for Families of Missing and Victims of Crime.   *Headquarters of NamUs Victim Advocates *Command Central for the Help Find the Missing Act (Billy's Law)*

Make sure to join Peace4 the Missing and Disappeared on Facebook as well ...
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This is so awesome!!! Great news! So proud of everyone at Peace4 and even more proud to be a (small) part of it!!
You and Missouri Missing are a huge part of - thanks for being so ... xoxo

I don't quite understand how you want us to submit our info.


Susan Olsen (Missing Bradley Olsen 1/20/07)

The best way per individual awareness is by starting either a blog post or forum discussion yourself - title it in (for you) with something like My missing son, Bradley Olsen ...

On the main tabs here above - click either form or blog ... from there click on add - after writing click save and it will be auto post to Peace4's main page.
How to add a forum discussion (post) on Peace4
This is awesome news SARA!!!!!! :) Great Job!!!!
Does anyone have the contact information for getting someone on this show?  I had it at one point and can't find it now!  Thanks!

My sister was a throwaway. She was a runaway. She was a troubled youth. That's why no law enforcement agency wanted to touch her case. It tore me up - that it was during the time Adam Walsh disappeared.  Milk carton awareness was becoming popular.  "Missing: have you seen" was a mantra.

But not for Judy.  

I swallowed it, buried it, hid it - until, on 9-11-2001 - when the world saw the towers come down. And New Yorkers saw bills posted on every available open space in the city. "Missing have you seen ... missing since 9-11-2001"  I started looking, in earnest.   I had called - for years - anyone who had a name similar to hers. I called morgues. I called anyone who would take my calls.  I got her press, whenever I could.

She is listed in Namus (#8051), she has a thread on websleuths, a facebook page (still looking for judy).

I know that someone knows something.  There has to be at least ONE person who knows SOMETHING about my sister's whereabouts or fate. I was the last person to see a girl alive in 1986.  I also happened to look her killer in the eye.  I didn't know it at the time.  The roadblock the next day found me.

I need help finding the roadblock that can get my sister home to us.  

Thanks, producers of Disappeared, for being proactive.  I've been on the phone with lots of people there-  used to work at Discovery Channel in the multimedia group - would love to have Judy's story profiled.  Thanks for giving us awareness!



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