Lacey Claire Gaines Murder Case #09-06670 Justice, IL

It was the two maintenance men who worked at the Sunset apt complex. One ran away to Mexico.

Why hasn't there been an arrest? Why not go get him from Mexico. Can't FBI get involved if he left the country?

Have the police gotten the IP address off the internet Yahoo comment below:

Bernita - 01/30/10 oh and lets not forget the murder that occured almost 2 months ago. A young lady was killed in her own apartment by the maintenance man......

What is going on?

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Oh my God.  Cherry, how did you hear that the police knew who did it and how long have they known?
I don't know ...:'(

We love you ... xoxoxoxo
Praying and praying ...

A family member said it like it was common knowledge. I sent them the Yahoo info a long time ago.


Who do I call in the FBI??

I'll try to find out ... xoxoxoxo


(Kiss Larry for me - praying ... it's going to be okay ... xoxoxoxo)


And who polices the police?
There's so much living in limbo around here!  What can we do to make this better?  Set up groups for LE teams from each state?  I'm serious ... there's got to be something ... it's not good to have to always rely upon others (middlemen) for answers ...

Cherry keep on fighting... it is hard when everywhere you turn doors slam in your face but keep on fighting one day that door will open and stay open. The murderers will be caught and put away now that you know who murdered your niece. 

Things are getting out of hand murders are everywhere and as I was told with my sons case who is going to pay?? My God what is going on?

We depend on a system that continually let us down while there are murderers on the streets who have the potential to do this over  and over again. No one is exempt our streets are not safe!

Stay strong, keep on going, God is leading the way I think it is up to all of us to help those who have no fight left!

Cherry you can try the FBI because one ran to Mexico... try FBI headquarters in Quantico if you can't get anywhere with your local FBI .... but they are only one egg in a basket. The FBI is so overwhelmed they give false hopes but stay persistent..God bless you, don't loose hope, my prayers your way. xxoo




Thank you all of you. I know God has a plan and he always brings light out of darkness. But I had no idea how dark it is out. You're right lots of murderers getting away with murder. Someone should do a documentary.
I would try to contact the FBI field office in Chicago.  Here is their website with their contact info.  Hopefully someone there will be able to help you or at least send you in the right direction.
YES many of us are asking that! SO much is really changing and happening to our society! As we read, breathe and type! Some of us are struggling to survive, exist and get by day to day, but we have no greed, no need for domination or control of others in our hearts.. some .well many are being and are controlled by drugs and sheer, utter evil their lives have been taken over their souls taken over by the  need for more highs no conquest, no theft no violent senseless act scares nor intimidates them their like violence controlled zombies and it is SPREADING... Arizona, Mexico, New Mexico are just some of the places it is showing up when humans can just take over other humans souls lives with no regard that is a very dark, evil place and being. Those who love and care must stay strong, amidst all the challenges and shine the light, share the hope and strength for all, one step, one candle, one day at a time.



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