Important Message Billy's Law HR 1300: Cosponsors needed House & Senate

                      BILLY'S LAW

                        HR 1300 & SR 702

        On March 2011 Billy's Law was introduced into the House Of Representatives as most of you know the law was hung up in the Senate last year. All Bills have to be introduced again if not passed by the end of the year and this is where we are at now. What this means is we are back to square one and the Bill has to go through the same political process as last year meaning we need Cosponsors. There is a change this time on how we are going to handle getting cosponsors which will be explained.


      If you look at the top of the page you will see HR 1300 & SR 702, this is the change I was talking about HR 1300 is the Bill number in the House of Representatives and SR 702 is the Bill number in the US Senate We will be getting cosponsor from both at the same time.


      Listed below I will give links on how to find and write to your Congressman in the House of Rep and your US Senators ( remember 2 Senators per state ).

      First of all a very special Thank you to Congressman Chris Murphy and Ted Poe  for sponsoring this Bill and once again making it bipartisan.


                              This is the link to find your Congressman



          NOTE: Remember to write your Congressman and Senators even if they  Cosponsored this Bill last year.


          Now on the Senate side Ct. Senator Joe Lieberman and Ct. Senator Richard Blumenthal will also be sponsoring this Bill.


                                This is the Link to U.S. Senators




        We all know how important this Bill is these letters and emails MUST be written this Bill will pick up momentum and once it does we have to be ready with our voices even stronger then before. If you are a family with a missing loved one please share your story in your letters.


          This is the first post on are call to action I'm sure there will be many more before we are done if there are any questions please feel free to ask and we will get back with answers asap. Also as before when Congressman and Senators cosponsor this Bill they will be listed.


                             Here also is a link to a petition for Billy's Law


 This Bill will become law but there is a lot of work to do so let's do it.









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Billy's Law is one of the most significant laws for a civilized country. This is outrageous that we live in the richest, civilized country but we don't have legistlatives to prevent families from agonizing pain of not knowing what had happened to their loved ones. This is the badly needed tool to give answers to 100's of thousands citizens, helping them to get the badly needed answers. The legislative branch need to be open minded, put themselves in Billy's parent position, then vote.

Reza Jou (missing Donna Jou's dad)

Thank you, Reza - very well said as well as coming from someone who truly knows ... your voice speaks volumes ... xoxoxo


Well said Reza!
PEACE4 THE MISSING: Voice Platform and Support Network for Families of Missing and Victims of Crime.  *Command Central for the Help Find the Missing Act (Billy's Law)*

To All.

  Billy's Law has and will set a standard that "WE THE PEOPLE" will NO LONGER tolerate the same status quo when it comes to OUR MISSING! Let this be the beginning of the end to our loved ones voices going unheard. It is our prayer that Billy's Law will set the NEW STANDARD of love and compassion for those who disappear without a trace. That our Law Enforcement and other Leaders will reach out to those of us who so desperately need their help in finding our loved ones. No case should ever be considered COLD! GOD BLESS OUR MISSING.



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