Dec 11:

Again, thank you to everyone for your prayers and concern as I went through the passing of my Dad.  Click here for obituary.  My family was blessed with the outpouring of friends, family, community and the Catholic community.  My Dad was a man who was good to all he met so it was no surprise the outpouring but deeply appreciated.

Dec 6: My Dad passed away around 2:00 a.m. this morning (Dec 6).  Thank you everyone for your prayers and concern.

Just to let everyone know what I'm going through right now and why I might not be as accessible ... my Dad is dying.  He was diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer.  It sits dormant in your body sometimes for decades and when it presents it is already in its advanced stage.  My Dad is 93 but it was just a few months ago that he was living a more active social life than me.  He exercised faithfully and was very involved in his parish life, pretty active guy.  So this was a shock.  He is ready to die but I'm selfish and don't want to let go.  He went out to Arizona to visit my brother and sister and spend Thanksgiving out there and this was with his doctor's blessing.  He quickly went down hill and was hospitalized.  We had to get a corporate jet to fly him home because the commercial airlines in all likelihood would not accept him and it would have been very hard on him.  My uncle and my cousin, who is a doctor, flew out to get him and my brother also came back on the flight.  Dad went straight into a hospice and that is where it stands now.  Death is coming, we can't stop it and he is ready to die.

My time on here and Facebook for awhile may be limited. If I'm just giving short comments it's probably because I'm at the hospice using my phone and I'm not good at typing on my phone but I do check here and Facebook and my messages when I'm at the hospice so if anyone needs anything don't be afraid to bother me, you won't be at all. I might not respond immediately but I eventually will.

Not the way I wanted to spend my holidays but it is very peaceful at the hospice and I see God's hand in all the people that have reached out to help my family.


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I am so sorry to hear this Maureen.  And you are not selfish, it's just so hard to let go of loved ones.  You and your family are in my thoughts and prayer.

So sorry MO.  We are accustomed to getting messages about your work with others.  It is easy to forget that those who hold the rest of us together, sometimes need a little attention.   Just want you to know we are a little hospice here, for those who may not be dying but just want to get away.   Our prayers for your dad, He sounds like he has it together.  Prayers for you and your family as well.  My dad passed at 73, but years mean nothing to the young at heart.   Know that we are thinking of you.  <3 <3

Don I may have to take you up on your hospice offer.  Dad's out at Kansas City Hospice on Wornall across from Avila.  You are much closer to that area than I am in Merriam.  My car has no heat and no defrost so don't be surprised if I knock on your door to unthaw!

We have two vehicles and are at your disposal.  

My prayers are with your family.  xox  May peace be with all of you.


Thank you John.  How are you?

Maureen...your prayers are so appreciated.

Maureen, my prayers are with you and your family, I pray that God continues to give you peace and comfort through this very difficult time.  I lost both my parents in a house fire 6 years ago and I still wish I had just one more day with them.  God bless you and keep you strong.



Angela...oh I'm so sorry how you lost your parents.  I loss my Mom while my search was still going on and that was so tough but I was able to say goodbye.  I'm now also able to say goodbye to my Dad and I know for that I am blessed.

May God be with you and your family as He readies heaven for your Dad. My Daddy died suddenly in 1970 shortly after after going through a horrible time regarding my missing sister, Elizabeth Gill. A convicted murderer told police he had run over Beth and then killed  and buried her. The story was later proven to be false - but too late for my Dad to know. The family has always felt he died from a broken heart. As hard as this is on your family be thankful you've had time with him near the end. My heart goes out to you - and please know I'm here if you need me for anything - even if it's just to talk about the good times, the bad times or how much in life sucks. Sometimes those we love are ready to go but we are not ready for a final goodbye. My Daddy is in heaven looking down and guiding me...I still dream about him and sense his presence every day. May your happy memories with your Dad help fill the void in your heart and heal your pain. 

Bless your Dad I'm so sorry he had to die thinking that is what happened to Beth.  We both come from families of the same faith and my Dad's faith is so strong as I'm sure your Dad's must have been.  Not many people who are dying can still care enough about others to make those around them laugh like my Dad is doing.  He is in a non Catholic hospice and he was hesitant about that so when the non denominational chaplain paid Dad a visit he came out chuckling.  He said the first thing Dad asked him if he was Catholic and the chaplain said "no" and Dad said that's okay and started blessing him!   However the past 24 hours have been rough and the rapid down slide is starting to rob him of his personality, not his faith though.  His room is filled with memories and he is still telling stories of his life and some we had never heard before!



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