Welcome, we are so glad you are here, please share a bit to a lot about yourself, what brought you here as well as any social awareness issue and/or missing persons case that you would like to highlight at Peace4 the Missing.

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Hello Seeker - I will be with every step of the way.....

It's great to see everyone singing up over here, such a great group of people brought together!

Let's see.. you guys can call me Seppy, that's what most of my friends call me.

I don't get alot of time to spend on the site, but if there is ever anything I can do, please let me know!
Hello Seppy - Good to meet you on Peace4.
Hello, My name is Shannon I am an Area Director for NY NM and AR for the Doenetwork.org. I look forward to talking to all of you and hope they in some way we can help each other .
Hello Shannon and welcome to Peace4 :)
Have a great day!

Hello Shannon

Looking forward to talking to you.

Sadly my lost Charles is on the Doenetwork.org. aged 20 in 1989 endangered missing from Kelowna British Columbia Canada.
Well, where do I begin? I think it is best you just please go to my profile page and my Blog. This way things do not get double posted and you can leave any comments there. I request that you do not judge me, as I ask that you judge no one, for we never know what is happening or has happened in anyone else's lives. I am here if anyone wants to talk. I am a trained private investigator and would like to be able to get involved in actual cases once we are settled in the states. I have done a lot of volunteer work and in this life it's time I started being able to give back when the chips have been down, but one has to eat and live, so some paying jobs would be nice when I can get them. If you really want to know me, please go to my personal website www.themasons.co.za and it is here you will learn more than you want to know as my life is now an open book. I have never done anything that I am ashamed of, not proud of the way some things have been, but never ashamed. The incidents of my life have made me a stronger person and have made me realize that things are never what they seem.

I am Pagan, a Shaman and I have Native American blood, so I am very spiritual, but not religious. I will never force my beliefs upon anyone as I don't expect anyone to try and force their beliefs upon me. I accept people for who and whatever they are.

Hi Ange - Thank You for helping bringing peace to my wounded heart, I hope that I can be there for you and other who have a lost, missing loved one.
aw, I love you both! (mushy day, but good!) xo xox
Love you too.....
Hi My name is Tina And I am a friend of Ange's I dont know what it feels like to have a loved one missing or murdered but I do know loss My son Anthony died May 27,2006 at the age of 14. It devistated me. I for a while could not tell you which end was up or down... It is a feeling of such darkness , a shadow that never seems to go away, but with love from family and friends and my faith in god I have dealt with my loss and pain And I hope and I pray that all these people feeling this pain can find a way to get out the darkness and accept the shadow..... I know that sounds weird but I have a reason for the shadow...... Tina (the shadow is my loved one that is with me at all times during the day and at night he is asleep when I sleep)
That is a beautiful analogy, Tina! And I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your son. My thoughts and prayers are definitely with you...so glad you are here!

When my Dad died when I was a child, a counselor also shared a beautiful analogy with my Mom...he referred to the memories of the person you lost and the grief as being in this box and at first you always have the box open and the contents inside hurt so much to look at, but eventually you tenderly wrap each one up in tissue paper and carefully put in this box and put it on a shelf. Sometimes you take it down daily and it still hurts, this box does, but eventually this box becomes such a beautiful treasure chest that, although always remains on your shelf throughout your life, becomes less frequent and painful to go through...



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