Welcome, we are so glad you are here, please share a bit to a lot about yourself, what brought you here as well as any social awareness issue and/or missing persons case that you would like to highlight at Peace4 the Missing.

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Hello - I am Denise Allan from England - searching for lost 'Charles' karoly john HORVATH-ALLAN aged 20 in 1989 since 1989 for 19 years who disappeared in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

So sad to read of so many missing loved ones, but so glad to have found a HAVEN to share with others our pain and loss. It has been a lonely road since 1989.
And we are so glad to have found you!!!!

Just popping in to introduce myself. My name is Carolyn and my mother, Leona Kinsey is a missing person.I found my way here through a search on MySpace for other families of missing people. (myspace.com/MissingLeonaKinsey) I am looking forward to sharing a common bond with people who understand. Healing and growing under this shaddow of loss is hard when you know nobody who truely knows the pain and loss. It feels good to remember my mother, to talk about her, to laugh in her memory and even to cry when moved to cry. So, Thank you, for the warm welcome I've recieved.
Thanks for being here sweet one, let us know however we might be able to possibly in a tiny bit help, kay? xox xo
Jacquie, thank you so much for being such a huge part of Peace4, I so wish I was able to instantly bring Ryan home...and heal your broken heart.

We're not going to EVER give up in trying to find him, promise! And there is always a place for you where you are truly cherished at this place I hope you feel at home...xox xo
I am a mother of 3, grandmother of 2 beautiful little boys. My first born and only daughter Brandy Hanna disappeared 31/2 years ago on May 20,2005. I have lived in this nightmare of the not knowing far too long, this is a horrible thing to happen to a Family. I pray soon i will know what happened to Brandy and my Family and I will be able to find some closure.
Donna, thanks so much for being here, for sharing more about yourself with us and for honoring us with the presence of your Brandy as one of our Beloved Missing Loved Ones of Peace4.
Hiya from Perth Australia!!

Dont really know what to say apart from Im here if ever anyone needs my help with anything please let me know.

I offer my heartfelt best wishes to all who have missing friends & family & hope that you all find the answers which you are seeking. Love to all.
Love Australia! Very cool to have you here, we so appreciate your presence at Peace4!
When we have a child vanish our world turns up side down, not knowing what to do I read eariler about being in darkness, this to me is how it is for over ten years I have shut myself off to the world was even afraid to get close to my Grandchildren for fear they will be taken away, it not like a light you can shut off not knowing I have heard so many stories and Police has heard, everything I have hears.

Police did not offer to DNA and someone at Doe Network told me call Pittsburge office FBI , I did and when they told them to do DNA so I called Det. for over year the Det. told me the papre work in front me so I called FBI back and they told me to got who ever is above him I ask who Gov. Congress or Senatores he replied no so I keep calling Det. Office same old story so I contacted Senator Byrd which called me beack within two days and said this is not their field work but would do it for me and had send me paper work to release him to do it well next time I called Det. he said he was sorry for droping ball so they sent someone to take blood and I happen to remember saying they came get DAN again , while I was at Cue Center for the fourth Conference I ask in one the classes why did they have to take it again she told me to call CODAS and sure enough they did not get it so CODAS sent kit and a Police Officer came got it again and this was just a year ago and all these years they could have found them, anyone who has had DNA done call CODAS see if it got turned in.
God Speed
Emma, you have so many valuable resources and advice to share with us, I'm so sorry for your pain, yet thankful to be on the receiving end of your angelic nature...
Hi everyone,

I've been here almost two weeks and have just now noticed this "Introduce Yourself" thread, so I thought I'd better. Tho there's not much to say now that I think about it, LOL. Hope I don't bore you to tears.....

I'm from the baby boomer set and had to retire early due to health issues (had a couple of strokes at age 48). Before retiring I owned a travel agency in Florida, but before that I sold real estate and spent some years as a paralegal too. I'm a malcontent and easily bored I guess. Every time I got tired of a job, I went back to school and learned to do something else, LOL. However I do still have my hand in doing travel consulting, tho my health issues cause me to have a poor memory. I write everything down now!

Originally from northeast Ohio, I've lived in Louisiana, Tennessee, Florida and Australia. Been married 20 years (Aussie hubby) but have no children unless you count Bronwyn, my Corgi puppy. We just moved back to the US from Australia last December. Right now I live in Tennessee along with hubby and my elderly mother.

I first became interested in the missing when my sister's neice by marriage disappeared in 1997 in Winton, California. She was an innocent 15 year old Mennonite girl, snatched while taking a walk. Her name is Vanessa Dawn Smith. I've been involved with several missing person's groups, the first of which was Doe Network where I was the Area Director for Australia. I now have my own forum, and MySpace and Facebook accounts for the missing and unidentified.

Well, for someone who didn't know what to say I sure came up with more than enough. Just want to close by saying I look forward to working with you all and getting to know you better.

With strength of numbers we can accomplish much!



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