Today I was told that Sue Ollis has lost her son in a fatal Motorcycle Accident as of Last Night.  She needs us to surround her with love and prayer and healing.  I ask that we embrace her because this is fresh and new and she is feeling overwhelmed with her loss.  I ask that we leave special messages both here for her and also for her on her page. 


Please take the time to reach out.  I urge you to do this in the name of Peace 4 Family and members.

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Thank you Gwennie for starting this page for Sue!

Sue's Peace4 page is at this link:
From Chat:

Sue Ollis:

I dont know what to do....I lost my 26 year old son today. He was killed on his motor bike I cant sleep ...this is just awful....and then I think of all those her that have not found there sons and duaghters loved ones to put to rest...:'(

Sue's Peace4 page:

Maureen - Peace4 Admin:

Oh Sue how horrible. What can we do for you?

Everyone please keep Sue in your prayers. How tragic.

Sheila Joyce Gibbs:

My heart & soul grieves for YOU...

Please remember, this beautiful child of yours, is NOT gone, but in, secure & evermore in God's Kingdom...awaiting your arrival...!


Sue, we are all here for you and remember this, our pain and sorrow is no worse than yours. You are going through an extremely hard time right now and we are all here for you. God bless you and yours, sincerely Glendene.


SUE,PLEASE KNOW WE ARE going to be continually lifting you and yoyr family in LORd i am so sorry........GOD BLESS you....i send you deep love and condolences.....I AM SORRY.mY SOULD CRIES OUT for your Comfort for your terrble loss.
I am sooo sorry about her loss...we had 3 here in the last 2 weeks all suicides....tragic to be soo young.....they were all in their 20's.....

prayers ....white light and puppy kisses sent
From chat:

Carolyn Chambers:

Sue Ollis, please know that you and your family is in our prayer,,as well as your son. God Bless, and be strong.
Sue, so sorry to hear about your much loved son. Take our hands we offer you hope and peace. Know that you son is in the arms of the Lord and is with you in spirit. You need to grieve, a mom (parent) is not suppose to bury a child, but yet we know if this does happen we one day after we have filled our time on earth will see them.
We are all here for you, in one way or another we are all experiencing the disappearance or loss of a loved one take our hands and know we love you. You are in our thoughts and prayers.. Hug, Faith & peace.... Jan
I am so very sorry to learn that Sue Ollis has lost her son. As a mother, my heart aches just thinking about the pain she is going through. Sue, please know that you and your family are in my prayers. May all the wonderful memories of your son bring you comfort in knowing that he may have passed away but will always remain in your heart and all those that love him. I'm a firm believer he will be with you always and forever until you meet again. My sincere condolences. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you would like me to create a memorial banner for you. All I would need is a photograph. Hugs and prayers, Cynthia (email: ) God Bless you.
Oh Sweet Sue, I am so sorry ... I have no idea as to what to say of course ... it is impossible to both say anything that would seem to help nor possible to relay to you just how incredibly much I care for and mourn with you ... You are such a bright spot of this place, I will never forget how much you supported me before and after the passing of my Dad ... I hope you know that I am here for you now ... So much love and prayers ... xoxoxoxo
More prayers for Sue and her family ...

Our prayers are with this family.
Precious Sister in Christ...
Remember, He was & is YET TO COME...
& your son is in the BEST care ever...blessings unlimited...clothed in God's precious rainbows !

Christ's strengthening abidence, never ending love & yours, forevermore...
I love this photo it is comforting to me. I hope that it might bring some peace to your heart. When you least expect it sometimes god calls a person you love home. He calls them because there are greater things ahead for them. Sometimes though the harshness of how we pass is what hurts us the most. Unexpected tragedy can be so shocking to the mind, body and soul. I hope you find comfort to know that Your son is not really gone he is just away. I find it comforting to know that they are never truely gone from us they surround us each and every day. He surrounds you now in love, memories,thoughts and in the many things you will see each day that lets you know he is still with you and will always be a part of your life. May you find Peace, and Love, and may you be guided to an understanding of all that has happened so that you may move forward. Life can be so harsh at times and as humans we dont always know how to cope, that is when you can grab ahold of us and hold on tight, we will be here for you in your sorrow and time of need. Sending Healing and light to you and angels of light to hold you during your sorrows and loss.



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