Today I was told that Sue Ollis has lost her son in a fatal Motorcycle Accident as of Last Night.  She needs us to surround her with love and prayer and healing.  I ask that we embrace her because this is fresh and new and she is feeling overwhelmed with her loss.  I ask that we leave special messages both here for her and also for her on her page. 


Please take the time to reach out.  I urge you to do this in the name of Peace 4 Family and members.

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My dear Gwennie and all the lovely kind hearted people here...this is my soft place to land when I want to get away from really weird conversations or non conversations that have put my head in a blender. lol..Ben will be buried on the Friday 13th at 2pm. Its seriously along time to wait but then I remember how long some of you waited and are still waiting for that closure and I stop my whining...I am understanding a little of what that time feels like ...oh my poor darling friends here how on earth do you bear it??? I pray so much for the peace of god to come over you all and give you even for just a moment a feeling of quiet relief from your pain. I cannot think of my pain without thinking of the greater pain I know and read here. Everyone of you here I read your stories and tears do flow and the hoping that the time where God will restore all to how it should be and will be as he promised. When i looked into my sons unseeing blue eyes ..I knew that his very soul had left and is in Gods keeping waiting till he restores him to me at the resurrection he promises to a paradise earth...some believe differently but we all must feel how death is so wrong for us as humans. Nothing in our DNA our genetics has us ready to deal with death is not of god Death is never what God wanted us to endure...I had read it before but I know it very much doubts in my mind. I am been tested but not beyond what I can bear ..I have to be very careful as we lead up to the day of returning Bens body back to the earth. The situation is very delicate and I am at the mercy of a family that does not know me at all and seems not wanting to know me....My boy made and has been making several serious decisions and choices that lead up to his death and sadly I have Been informed that his struggle with drug addiction may not have been over as I had thought. It is of no matter now as what is done is done and he has paid the greatest price that been death and he is now safe in gods memory. Ben will be able to have another go soon to set matter right. Im rambling a bit now and some may not understand my thinking but Im basing what I have learn from my bible studies. Peace and thank yous to all this is a fabulous place to come and read and reread the comments and feel the love and care of you all when I have need...heartfelt appreciation. Sue xxxxxxooooooo
Sue, you made yourself beautifully understandable.

God does not cause the bad in the world. He loves us enough to trust us with choice and no matter how good or bad the choices are that we make He doesn't leave our side for any reason.

This site is God driven and God given for those who are missing and grieving for their loved ones to come to in the hopes of receiving support from people experiencing similiar emotions; people who understand.

We are so touched by you Sue and know we are here for you.


You've pointed out to us what Peace4 is here for, families experiencing loss leaning on each other. Keep leaning on us Sue. Thanks for sharing Ben's photo, so handsome. I'm sorry that other family members of yours are causing problems. I think that can happen at times like these because they are grieving and are in shock and if they were not very good people to begin with their personalities aren't going to all of a sudden change. God and Ben are watching so just carry yourself above all of that. If need be you can have your own ceremony after they do their thing. Ben is in God's hands, he's happy that's what matters. You will grieve this loss for the rest of your life don't let anyone tell you differently. You are already showing signs that you will get through this, you reached out, you are sharing your feelings. Lean on us.

So praying for you,

Sue my sons are about the same age and this has to be so hard for you! My prayers are with you and know that those 26 years you had with him mean so much more than anything that could happen with the funeral that might seem negative. I loved this quote I saw on a mans coffin at a wake that I went to. Death is the end of a life not a relationship! I hope that during this part of your journey with your son you find a way to carry on that relationship that was so important in your life! With my greatest heartfelt sympathy!
Dear Sue,
I am so very sorry for untimely, unexpected tragic death of you beloved son. I can easily understand the extend of excruciating pain, devastation and grieve associate with losing a child. I have a missing daughter ( and know how it feels, like a terminal illness that never goes away, day after day, day and night.
I hope and pray that God gives you much needed patient to bear with this sorrow and lost.
With Love
Reza Jou (missing Donna Jou’s dad)
Dearest Reza...I have followed your journey here and My heart has always gone out to you with every new post...and now you reach out to me and I am so grateful it means alot for someone such as yourself and all those here who have taken the time and used a little of their strength to support me...i shall never forget. hugs and hugs Sue xxoo
Dear Sue, I am so sorry for your loss...I know you are in extreme pain right now and there is not much to say about this...I hope that time will give you the chance to make your peace with this tragic event and I hope that you have people to give you the hugs and the support you need. I wish you strength and currage to deal with every feeling you have. You should know that I am thinking of you and your son and I am sending you my love. Take care, Natalia.



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