What brought you to Peace4? Please tell us all about the most important parts of YOU ...

So thankful for each one of your kindred souls who make up this place ...

What brought you to Peace4 the Missing?

What is your passion?  purpose?  hope?  mission?  heartache?  cause?  need?

Basically/main point being - Welcome to our family ... we'd love to know you more ... xoxoxo

(Please also DO also include a link in your comments below if applicable)

If you have a heart that cares, an inner passion to reach out and a selfless desire to make a difference, for even just one ... Welcome ... join us ... we can't walk this broken road alone ...
Peace4 the Missing

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I was brought to Peace4 the Missing by the many uplifting & worthwhile things I saw happening here ... the support of families of the missing, the potential to find missing people, the various ways to create tributes to missing persons, the means to support legislation focused on missing people, and much more. At the Red Cross, where I worked full-time from 2001 to 2005, I collaborated with a team of volunteers to find: one missing person, every two weeks, for four years. Then, I wrote a toolkit on how to find missing persons. I've been volunteering in recent years for the Red Cross myself, and volunteering with other groups, like Peace4 the Missing, that are making a real and practical difference in the world of missing persons.
- Bob
So many wonderful people that all have a common interest...to help families of missing and to join together families of missing for support. I love you all! Hugs, Cynthia
So thankful for you! ... http://lostnmissing.com
I was brought here after resigning myself of ever finding my own peace ... thus I figured then, maybe instead I might somehow be a little instrumental in helping others find it instead.

Since that time I've found the elusive peace I'd given up on chasing as my own ... as what I intended to be a selfless act (Peace4) ended up helping my self most of all ...

And He continues to speak to me through so many of you ....

I just love this place ... plain and simple .... that's pretty much it in a nutshell ... ;-)
Even though i don't share the faith in god that most of you do, i share the same passion to help in any way that i can those in need (especially those who face the cruel reallity of being separated from their loved ones without knowing if they are ok,or even alive). Most of all i feel obligated towards the missing children. To me, children are the ray of hope, love, happiness and purity in our world. I wouldn't feel ok with myself if i closed my eyes infront of the dangers children face. I cannot imagine the pain, lack of safety and love, their confusement, their fear and sadness in the hands of a stranger and away from their homes and families. And i wouldn't be able to inagine the pain their families go through, thinking that there is no kind of love that can compare to the love a parent has for his children. I like it that people here have the ability to understand all these and feel empathy towards anyone who feels pain in any way. We are all humans in this world, and we need each others support. So, from Greece you have someone that supports you, and this "cause", because it is very important that we all stay together and protect what is really worthwile in our life.
Natalia....we are so thankful to have you on Peace4. One of the things I try to stress to media is that this is bigger than just the missing from our small corner of the world but this is an international problem with people uniting all over the world trying to help the families and the families uniting to have their voices heard.
I came to Peace4 after seeing info on MySpace about this new site. At that time my husband was still missing and I was the target of a blackmailer. I was highly suspicious (me? go figure) after being hurt by crime/sleuthing (hate) sites and being told an organization was a non profit when it wasn't and after seeing countless families hurt over the years by those that seek to prey on the families of the missing .... yep, I tiptoed in here. But my overwhelming need to protect the families and warn them about the blackmailer overrode any fear I had that Peace4 might be a bad place.

So that is why I originally came to Peace4 but I think what is more important is in answering the question, what keeps me here?

Was I ever surprised to find such a warm, caring place that truly had the families of the missing as their primary concern. Rarely in this world of the missing do you find people who have no one missing that so get what the families are going through.....Sara, our founder, so gets it. Not only does she get it and not only does she reach out with words of comfort but she actively tries to make things easier/better for the families as seen in her support of NamUs as the Victims Advocate for Michigan and her incredible savvy in getting Billy's Law out to all through her brilliant marketing/communication skills. We in the world of the missing are very, very blessed and thankful to have Sara on our side.

As Peace4 grew it kept collecting together all the people I love, trust and hold in high esteem. It continues to protect the families from the evil that lurks all around and it continues to try and make a difference, lessen the hell for the families of the missing....you don't find that in too many places.

Thank you Peace4! And, special thank you to my friend, Sara.

My sweet Mo! I so love you .... xoxoxoxo

(I figure if any two people can meet for the very first time "in real life" (at NamUs Academy) and be instantly thrown into to sharing a room together just to naturally stay up every night until near morning both crying and laughing with hardly a pause between sentences ... we're pretty much friends for life, ie. your stuck with me forever ... ;-)
You, me and Todd ... it was so comfortable like we had always been in each other's lives. Wish you had come out to ABQ and met Shannon and Marki too.
Plus you KNOW this place would be total crap without you ... no doubt ... xoxo
I was actually brought to the site when googling a scam abduction recovery company called Delta International. I saw a post on here where another woman talked about getting scammed. I wanted to reach out to her & support her to let her know how she could help convict this con artist. In doing all that, I joined the site as I realized it could help bring hope to me and Ethans dad to know & hear about others who are hanging on living this nightmare. I also believe that maybe I will see or hear about one missing person & maybe,just maybe I might be able to help. Sounds crazy, but I hope one day I see a pic of a missing person, recognize them, and can help to reunite them. But at the very least, I hope that by involving myself in this ministry, that I can help in some small way.
Ethan, we love you, dear. I'm thankful to have been in your life for 3 short years & can't wait til you come home and you & my daughter can play again. We all miss you, sweet boy.




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