What's best for THE MISSING? Please include your Missing Persons Organizations Collaborative Efforts ideas here!

So many wonderful organizations, let's work towards fufilling our dream to unite all of them in order to really make a huge impact and difference and bring the missing home...

Do you know what I wish for? I would love to see all organizations who support and help others come together. Imagine if every little cause, like this one, pooled their resources and became a great big super power for change! I think we'd get so much more done. One person working on their own can only achieve so much, but as they say, many hands make light work! If only... (Take from the Facebook status of @Ripple Kindness Cards)

There is no avoiding the question of collaboration between organizations. Funders are looking at organizations and wondering out loud why they don't work together. The issues we work on are too big for us to tackle alone. The Internet itself puts organizations that were previously isolated by geography into each other's operational back yards.

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Chad Scott of Track Missing has some GREAT ideas regarding as well located here...
A Practical Approach to Collaboration

You don't have to agree on a set of aesthetic principles in order to have a good time going to the movies with someone. You just have to agree on a movie. You don't have to agree on fundamental issues of community in order to share an apartment with someone. You just have to agree about how some things will get done around the house. You don't even have to agree completely about child rearing values in order to raise children with someone, to everyone's reasonable satisfaction. You only have to have some minimal boundaries about parental behavior and a respect for a diversity of styles.

So why is it then that so many nonprofit organizations, especially social change and activist organizations, act as though they must agree on all principles and values in order to collaborate successfully?

The great secret of successful collaboration is this: The only agreement you have to have is on what you are all going to do. That's it. You have to agree on actions. You don't have to bring the visions and missions of your organizations into allignment. Usually, you don't even have to bring your strategies into alignment. So long as you can find an operational overlap, you can forge a successful collaboration.

(continue reading entire article by clicking on linked title above)
"I also believe that the more we are able to work together successfully, the more we will begin to see the ways in which we really do agree about vision. The less tightly we hold to our narrow organizational identities, because we have unpacked them in the process of collaborating, the sooner we will forge the movements and coalitions needed to truly save the world from the forces of fear and greed. Every step in that direction counts."
Once again, an excellent Topic!!
After nearly ten years of having two loved ones missing, I have some opinions about what eliments could create or enhance an excellent Missing Person Organization...

Each Org should be trained and certified in some capacity, depending on the area of assistance that they offer. People should not be convinced to depend on an org that makes claims of being capable of certain tasks, if they have not been trained or had some level of success in this field.

Too many people make claims and then the family of the missing, depend on them and end up being disappointed and discredited by LE because they put thier faith in a group or org that is not respected or trusted by LE. There are many retired LE agents who are working in this field. It would be ideal for each org to have at least one or two of them to collaborate with and communicate with the active Law Enforcement agency involved in each case.

There are Cadaver Dog training, search group training, diving lessons and assorted training and certification of many sorts that would be helpful in developing a reputable Missing Person Orgaization.

Even in the area of the emotional turmoilthat the loved ones of the missing go through, wouldnt it be perfect to have therapists or counselors, even support groups who specialize in the loss and trauma associated with the type of distress a loved one of a missing person suffers? Are there any other crimes where the loved ones have to consider the types of unmentionable stages that a MP investigation goes through before a person is found or in the event that an escavation is ordered, forensics are involved, or an arrest is made? ETC

There is alot of need for legal advice, civil law, and criminal law...advice about how someone should navigate thier case so that they dont do anything that might threaten the integrity of it! Even in what you decide to say to the media, or post on a website, there is always a chance that you could be damaging your case in the eyes of the law. If you have access to Criminal Justice classes, or any form of legal training, you could follow that lead.

There are countless people interested in being of some help, making a difference for Missing Persons in this country. We have alot of resources available to us to be the best we can be in the areas where we are suited and needed. Dont try to multi-task and do it all, pick an area that you can help in and be the best you can be in that area, then offer your skills, training, certification, or experience to a valid Organization!
Sara...Peace4 is something like that as we have many different teams but work for the good of the ones who need us !!We work together or at least try.I've never seen any bickering amungst teams here.Maybe there is another org. that we could possibly team up with to make a non-profit easier to get..I don't know. What I do know is co-operation is everything !! I think we do that well here at Peace4Missing !!We just need more members to become at least halfway active !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With much love and Big Hugs..ALWAYS...john ps..If we do get to become non-profit some more members will have to step up and get active.
You are so right Sara, the more hands the better the support. I will have to go on the sites to get more educated on how the system work. Thanks
AMEN!!!! THATS what I have been trying to say!! brainstorming, diagramming, Collaberation, teamwork, communication..ahhhhhh MUSIC to my years!! MUSIC to everyone' ears!!!
To further enable and strengthen NamUs - put your all into ensuring the passage of the Help Find the Missing Act/Billy's Law ...

3 Simple Steps to Help Find the Missing - Billy's Law

Do you have any ideas as to how current Missing Persons Organizations could help spread the word of NamUs and Billy's Law?

... perhaps including info on CUE stops?

... what more?

We should all aggree on a National Missing Person Day, and encourage loved ones of the Missing to get together with people in thier State to have Awareness Rallys (like the ones CUE asks thier members to do when they do the annual tour for fund raising) but encourage and support people to include information about Amber Alert, Child IDs, Namus, Billys Law and talks on how children and teens can be protected from preditory abduction, about domestic abuse and violent relationships which all can be some of the causes of Missing person cases...they should be community events that are geared toward families, with local volunteers for music, entertainment and invite media, local elected officials and LEnforcement, Cadaver Teams and other organizations that can help educate people and communities so that we can begin to deminish the rate of missing person cases in the country instead of continually watching it rise! This awareness will hopefully fuel a future of changing laws and procedures in the way cases are handled, and LE training so that they can be solved more efficiently, which in turn will discourage this type of crime instead of the contrary!



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