It struck me today that no one is commenting on our post..not just mine but most of them.I am very puzzeled.Each one of us cares enough about a subject to post it.We think it will benifit other members.When no one bothers to read them or make a comment the person doing the posting must be asking themselves.."Why should I even do it if no one else cares "? Should we think that ? Let's see how many comments this post gets and then we'll know...LOVE ALWAYS...johnny

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LOL....what a way to break the ice Rebel commenting on this discussion!

Nice thing about Peace4 we can vent our frustrations. We can say what needs to be said and not worry about some couch potatoe sleuther tearing apart our every word. That's one of the beauties of this thing called Peace4.

Trust me there are more surprises ahead for you if you read some of the old discussions and blogs. LOL

One word of warning our head of security threatens everyone with citations and pink underwear. So if you want some fun make Angelbound mad.

We deal with such serious matters but what you will find that many families of the missing in the midst of their ongoing trauma are learning to laugh again, are learning it's okay to laugh. Laughter is healthy and creates energy for them to keep their searches going and to simply get through the day.

Have fun exploring Peace4!

Maureen..Thank you for being so good to Rebel ! You described Peace4 perfectly ! Just look at some of my comments....LOVE ALWAYS...johnny
Findmyway..Very eloquently put !! But you have to remember,like Larry pointed out,is that we have 734 members !! I could understand 200-250 maybe members who are in pain and not up to reading and/or posting..What happened to the others ??Why did they join one day and vanish the next ?What was their reason for joining ?Look at poor Susie..She had her B/F kidnapped.Luckily he was found fairly quickly.Do you know what she asked ?? She asked if she could still be a member even though she no longer had anyone missing! Out of the mouth of Babes !!! This small post has generated more feedback than an awfull lot that should have.I'm very happy it did but I am still frustrated with the membership.When I tell I future potential member or senator that we have 734 dedicated members..I should be saying between 25-30.I feel like I'm lying when I put the dedicated in front of the 734 Our most recent new members have jumped right in and I'm proud of them !!.Not everyone has time to read post and then make a comment.I would just like to see some of the huge number of members(at least I think it's huge) we have act like they're actually alive and breathing.Leaving a dot is a great idea like Sara said.I haven't been myself recently hence my frustration but I really believe it's all true.LOVE ALWAYS....johnny .....Ps..I wonder if Sara could write an open letter to all our members on the subject.I don't even know if it's possible.
Please help missing children...While I love you very much..I don't think this subject is very funny. LOVE ALWAYS...johnny
Hi Johnny - my bad! I've been away for quite some time because I took a hiatus from even my own missing person's forum. I have been coming in, in spits and spurts but have been reading more than posting. You're right - without a comment (or the . which I think is a great idea and new to me) we have no way to know if anyone is even bothering to read or cares what they are reading about. When I'm active, I never shut up in the forum. I always worry that people are sick of hearing my opinions and comments, but I'll not worry about that. Besides, if I comment enough, maybe one day I'll actually say something brilliant, LOL

I've belonged to alot of forums and there is always a core group that you hear from constantly. It must be the nature of forums. But be that as it may - you asked for it and now you're gonna get it! Hugs, Di
Hi Di :) Thank you for your comment ! When you feel up to it you can ALWAYS comment to your heart's content and we'll ALWAYS be happy you did !! I'm glad your back ! I LOVE YOU HONEY!! You're NOT bad and never could be:)And you are BRILLIANT :)I know what you mean about taking a hiatus and think I need to as I've been very depressed lately but I don't seem to be able to.I feel if I do I'll let someone down.It's stupid really.So what if I don't wish someone Happy Birthday or welcome them..someone else will do it hopefully,not like I would though.And someone else will always leave comments,hopefully.I wouldn't be missed.I just can't seem to leave for awhile even though I want to.Anyway..I so happy you're feeling better and getting back in the grove !! With Much LOVE ALWAYS...johnny
John I hope you don't mind me chiming in here. You remind me of a workaholic (me). Different but still the same. I know it's hard to walk away and only focus on you, because what would happen to everyone else. If you are not here someone might not get something that they need. Many people would call us arrogant, thinking that we held that much power. But it's NOT arrogance, its dedication, love and caring that drives us to be who we are worrying about the rest of the world instead of ourselves. Here's one thing that I've learned over the years if I don't take that time out for me, whether its a day or week, I suffer. I've been known for burning the candle at both ends of the stick. What happens is we wear ourselves down emotionally and physically (or visa versa - depending on the situation)? It's important to take care of ourselves. When we do everyone benefits. It's important to our emotional and physical health to care for ourselves.

You don't have to "go away" to have time out for yourself. You can take one day (I recommend weekly) and call it a couch day. This is a day where you do absolutely nothing but watch mindless TV, read entertaining books, eat lots of food and most importantly stay in your PJ's all day long. My couch day has rules. When I say do nothing, I mean no going online, no Newspapers or CNN, no taking phone calls, no running errands and no cleaning house. It has to be you and your remote control, a good book, a large cake, or chips and dip all while vegging out on your couch in your PJ's. Call it a sick day. Call it a mental health day. Call if a day off. Call it anything, just take the day for you!

By giving ourselves a break from reality, we can rejuvenate.
Rebel..That sounds so good !! When I was able to work..I was a workaholic..I started working at age 11 and have been a workaholic all my life ! While being on here isn't work it does effect you emotionally and drains you.I'm really thinking of taking your advice.Should I tell everyone when I'm going to do it or just do it ?I have "been doing nothing" as far as my apartment's a mess by my standards and I haven't shaved in a week(now I have a've been very depressed for other reasons,nothing to do with Peace4 but feel I should take some down time but don't want to.The workaholic in me I guess.Thank you for chiming in and posting your advice !! With Much LOVE ALWAYS...johnny
Yes, John you have to check in or we'll all freak like we did last time we didn't hear from you! Just check in and don't read anything.

All we need is the


then we will know you are okay!
Maureen..That wasn't my fault..I was in the hospital but now I have a couple of phone numbers my sister can call in case something happens to me (like I ALWAYS....johnny
And I think even Maureen can go for a day or two without you checking in. We are all entitled to that down time. Yes, John I think you should take the day for you! However, based on your comments about the house and not shaving. I think you should take two days in a row. One day is your get the stuff done around the house and feel better about yourself day and the other is the couch day. Seriously, you need both days. If you are anything like me you won't enjoy your couch day if the house is a mess. So do that personal around the house decluttering first, after make a run to the store and make sure you include all your favorite comfort and junk food on your shopping list. This way you are all set up for the couch day. No you don't need to tell anyone. But if you feel so compelled tell everyone you are taking a couple respite days and you'll drop them a note or give them a call afterwards.
Sounds awful good to me ! And you're right about the 2 days.I just can't get my mojo working :) LOVE ALWAYS...johnny



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