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Thirty-three year old Jeramy Burt, a roofer and avid hunter, is heading over to his friend's house on Sunday night, February 11th to discuss plans for the upcoming hunting season. He leaves his three year-old daughter in the care of his father while his
ex-wife is away at a conference in Las Vegas. Jeramy is never seen or
heard from again — except for text messages sent to his ex-wife.


When Kim George, Jeramy's ex-wife receives multiple text messages from Jeramy's phone saying he's leaving her and their daughter to start a new life, she is hurt, livid and perplexed. The couple had recently
reunited and had been living together for months. How could he do this
to her when she was under the impression that everything was going so
well? Her anger multiplies when she gets home to Boise to find Jeramy
has left her in her car. Along with a missing person's report, Kim also
files a stolen vehicle complaint.


Several months later, Kim's car is found — torched in a remote desert, miles away from home. Could she have been wrong about the text messages? Maybe, Jeramy didn't write them at all ... but then, who did?

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Missing Boise man's case gets national attention
"Van Burt believes Jeramy's romantic relationship with a former Boise attorney has something to do with the disappearance."

Me too ...
Me too.
"Jeannie Braun"

April 28, 2006

ID: admitted in '98, disbarred in '06

Boise lawyer Jeannie Braun was disbarred this week, 10 months after being suspended upon pleading guilty to felony forgery, intimidating a witness
and issuing a check without funds.

Braun was sentenced to one year county jail and 14 years of probation. I wish that the newswriters
had gone in to a bit more detail about how a lawyer comes to such a

(Fox News in Boise is reporting it, so it must be true. Fox broke this story today; the station in Lewiston, 273 miles away, had it last Tuesday.)

Jailhouse Lawyer

Jeannie Braun, the lady lawyer who was recently convicted of falsifying legal documents is sitting in the Ada County jail and she may sit longer if she doesn’t write a letter to the Idaho
State Bar–a condition of her plea bargain.

It may sound oxymoronic (for you non-library types that means contradictory) but some honest lawyers have expressed concern about professional legal sanctions against her. Our sources at the Bar assure
us charges were filed in April and are still pending.

She was to have written a letter to the quasi government agency which licenses lawyers informing them of her conviction and admitting she would be subject to disbarment and banned from practicing law. So far,
no letter and the Ada County prosecutor may be forced to take her back
to court. At least she will be easy to find.

HUGHES, Michael Dean, Saint George, Utah, and BRAUN, Jeannie Ilana, Boise

Date of Birth: 
Supervising District: 

1299 N. Orchard Street

Boise Idaho 83720-0018
Phone Number: 

Supervising Officer: 
IDOC Sentence Information
The sentence information shown is for active sentences under the jurisdiction, custody, and/or supervision of the Idaho Department of Correction only.

Sentencing County
Case No.
Sentence Satisfaction Date
The Idaho Department of Correction updates this information regularly, to ensure that it is complete and accurate; however, this information can change quickly. Therefore, the information on this site may not reflect the true content, location, status, scheduled termination date, or other information regarding an offender.
This offender search service is designed to provide basic information about an offender. If you need additional basic offender record information, contact
Formal requests for copies of records should be mailed to:
Records Bureau

Idaho Department of Correction

1299 N. Orchard Street, Suite 110

Boise, ID 83706
If you want to learn more about parole procedures, or need specific information about a parole eligibility date, tentative parole date and/or hearing results, please contact the Idaho Commission of Pardons & Parole.
For information on Idaho Department of Correction visitation and mail regulations, please go to:
I just wanted to jump through the screen and hug and hug Sheryl.

Me too.





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