After-Death Communication

~ Joyous Reunions With Deceased Loved Ones ~

©1995; by Bill Guggenheim & Judy Guggenheim

co-authors of Hello From Heaven! published by Bantam Books

Have you been contacted by a loved one who has died? After-death communication (ADC) is probably as old as mankind, but ours is the first complete research study of this field. These spiritual experiences are extremely common, and in many other parts of the world they are discussed openly and freely.

Between 1988 & 1995, we interviewed 2,000 people who live in all fifty American states and the ten Canadian provinces. Ranging in age from children to the elderly, they represent diverse social, educational, economic, occupational, and religious backgrounds. We conservatively estimate that at least 50 million Americans, or 20% of the population, have had one or more ADC experiences – and the actual numbers may be closer to double these figures!

We collected more than 3,300 firsthand accounts of ADCs from people who have been contacted by a deceased family member or friend. These are spontaneous and direct communications that may occur anytime and anywhere, but no third parties such as psychics, mediums, hypnotists, or devices of any kind are involved.

Based upon our research, the following are the twelve most frequent types of after-death communication people report having with their deceased loved ones:

Sensing A Presence: This is the most common form of contact. But many people discount these experiences, thinking, "Oh, I'm just imagining this." It's a distinct feeling that your loved one is nearby, even though he or she can't be seen or heard. Though most often felt during the days and weeks immediately after the death, you may sense his or her presence months and even years later.

Hearing A Voice: Some people state they hear an external voice, the same as when a living person is speaking to them. However, the majority of communications are by telepathy – you hear the voice of your relative or friend in your mind. When you have two-way communication, it is usually by telepathy. In fact, it's possible to have an entire conversation this way.

Feeling A Touch: You may feel your loved one touch you with his or her hand, or place an arm around your shoulders or back, for comfort and reassurance. You may feel a tap, a pat, a caress, a stroke, a kiss, or even a hug. These are all forms of affection, nurturing, and love.

Smelling A Fragrance: You may smell your relative's or friend's favorite cologne, after-shave lotion, or perfume. Other common aromas are: flowers (especially roses), bath powders, tobacco products, favorite foods, and his or her personal scent.

Visual Experiences: There are a wide variety of visual experiences, which we have divided into two broad categories: partial visual and full visual ADCs. Appearances range from "a transparent mist" to "absolutely solid" with many gradations in between. You may see only the head and shoulders of your relative or friend, or someone you love may make a full appearance to you, and you will see the entire body as well, which will appear completely solid. Some visual ADCs occur in the bedroom, next to or at the foot of the bed. Others may happen anywhere – indoors or outdoors – even in a car or aboard a plane. Typically he or she will be expressing love and well-being with a radiant smile. Loved ones virtually always appear healed and whole regardless of their cause of death. Verbal communication may take place, but not always.

Visions: You may see an image of a deceased loved one in a "picture" that is either two-dimensional and flat or three-dimensional like a hologram. It's like seeing a 35 mm slide or a movie suspended in the air. Visions are usually in radiant colors and may be seen externally with your eyes open or internally in your mind. Communication may occur, especially during meditation.

Twilight Experiences: These occur in the alpha state – as you're falling asleep, waking up, meditating, or praying. You may have any or all of the above types of experiences while you are in this state of consciousness.

ADC Experiences While Asleep: Sleep-state ADCs are much more vivid, intense, colorful, and real than dreams. They are very common. Both one-way and two-way communications are typical. You usually feel your loved one is with you in person – that you're having an actual visit together. These experiences are not jumbled, filled with symbols, or fragmented the way dreams are.

Sleep-state ADCs are similar to those that occur when you are wide awake. Your relative or friend can come to you more easily, however, when you are relaxed, open, and receptive, such as while you are in the alpha state or asleep.

Out-Of-Body ADCs: These may occur while you are asleep or in a meditative state. They are dramatic experiences during which you leave your body and often visit your loved one at the place or level where he or she exists. These are extremely vivid, intense, and real – some say, "more real than physical life." The environments usually contain beautiful flowers and butterflies, colorful bushes and trees, radiant lighting, and other lovely aspects of nature – and are filled with happiness, love, and joy.

Telephone Calls: These ADCs may occur during sleep or when you are wide awake. You will hear a phone ringing, and if you answer it, your loved one will give you a short message. Two-way conversations are possible. His or her voice will usually be clear but may seem far away. If you are awake, you will probably not hear a disconnect sound or a dial tone when the call is completed.

Physical Phenomena: People who are bereaved often report receiving a wide variety of physical signs from their deceased relative or friend, such as: lights or lamps blinking on and off; lights, radios, televisions, stereos, and mechanical objects being turned on; photographs, pictures, and various other items being turned over or moved; and a long list of "things that go bump in the night."

Symbolic ADCs: People frequently ask a Higher Power, the universe, or their deceased loved one for a sign that he or she still exists. Many receive such a sign, though it may take some time to arrive. Occasionally these signs are so subtle they may be missed, or they may be discounted as mere "coincidences." Common signs include: butterflies, rainbows, many species of birds and animals, flowers, and a variety of inanimate objects such as coins and pictures.

According to our research, the purpose of these visits and signs by those who have died is to offer comfort, reassurance, and hope to their parents, spouse, siblings, children, grandchildren, other family members, and friends. They want you to know they're still alive and that you'll be reunited with them when it's your time to leave this physical life on earth – and they'll be there to greet you when you make your transition. Their most frequent messages, expressed verbally or non-verbally, include:

"I'm okay ... I'm fine ... Everything is okay ... Don't worry about me ...

Don't grieve for me ... Please let me go ... I'm happy ... Everything will be all right ...

Go on with your life ... Please forgive ... Thank you ... I'll always be there for you ...

I'm watching over you ... I'll see you again ... I love you ... Good-bye ..."

You may be asked to give a message from your loved one to somebody else. We urge you to write down the message verbatim and to deliver it, if possible, because it may help the recipient far more than you realize.

Nearly all ADCs are positive, joyful, and uplifting encounters that reduce grief, provide lasting comfort and hope, and accelerate emotional and spiritual healing. We encourage you to trust your own experiences and to accept them as being real for you.

Unfortunately, some people react with fear when they have an ADC. This is usually because they are startled by the suddenness of the event, or they may have never heard of one happening to anybody else. Such people may assume they are "losing their mind and going crazy." And others find it difficult to reconcile after-death communications with their philosophical or religious beliefs.

Not all people are contacted by their deceased loved ones. We don't know for certain why some are and some aren't, but it seems that fear, anger, and prolonged heavy grief inhibit the possibility of having an ADC.

Based upon our research, we suggest the following: Ask for a sign that your relative or friend continues to exist. Pray for him or her and others who are affected by the death, including yourself. We recommend that you learn how to meditate, especially if you are currently bereaved or have unresolved grief. Meditation will enable you to relax and soften any fear or anger you may have. It will reduce your depression, improve your ability to eat and sleep, and facilitate your healing process. These deep relaxation exercises will also allow you to unfold your inner, intuitive senses. In fact, you may have an ADC experience while you are meditating.

Our research indicates that after-death communications are a natural and normal part of life. Therefore, we feel ADCs deserve the same public awareness and acceptance that near-death experiences (NDEs) have already received.

For most people, an after-death communication from a deceased family member or friend is valued as a sacred and profound experience that will be cherished for a lifetime. ADC experiences usually expand one's understanding of life and offer a deeper awareness of life after death. They consistently communicate an essential spiritual message: "Life and love are eternal."

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Ah, this made me smile. The night that we took my husband to the hospital for his final stay I had run to McDonald's to get dinner for the kids. As I sat in the drive-thru my water pump went out. Somehow I managed to get the car home to find that he was throwing up blood. Called for an ambulance. He lingered for about five days, and during that time when I wasn't at work or at the hospital I was trying to find a way to get my car repaired. Someone came forward and had those repairs made for me. Several weeks later I was turning right on my way home and I heard something clang onto the pavement from underneath the hood of my car. Fearing the worst, I pulled around to a side street and went back to see what it was. A wrench. A wrench had fallen out from under my hood. I've always thought that it was my husband's way of letting me know he was still here and looking out after us.
Hi Marian, I'm sorry for your loss...I personally do not doubt for a second that our pets will be with us in's a link with Biblical references to animals in Heaven...
Marian..As far as I know,you'll be happy to know..ALL your pets will be there to greet you when you return home on the other side.Animals have a pure soul and don't have human traits/ trials to overcome.How many times have you seen a pet just looking into thin air and /or barking etc. as if someones there.They are like very small children and are able to see and hear spirits easily.As we get older we loose that ability unfortunately So..YES Marian..Are pets will be with us home on the other side when we finally get our chance to go home !..With much love..john
GOD and our loved ones work in mysterios ways !! Your husband is definately looking after you and the kids.The wrench was proof :) With much love..always..john
I can only respond to this post on my behalf.. I personally believe that our loved ones who have passed on do come back to visit us in several different ways and I have personally had my own experiences with such visits...I have experienced the following
Physical Phenomena, ADC Experiences While Asleep, Visual Experiences, Smelling A Fragrance, Feeling A Touch, Hearing A Voice, Sensing A Presence.. I have had many visits from my mother and I noticed that her visits are frequent around the anniversary of her death. Or if I am having a very "blue" day and heavly thinking of her I can feel her embrace me.. At first I thought that I might be going crazy or I was imagining it all because the need to have her with me is so intense...But after talking to a couple family members about my experiences I learned that I was not the only one this was happening to...

My first visit from my mother came a year after her death...I was pregnant with my third daughter and had fallen asleep on the couch. I was having a dream that I was talking with my mother at her kitchen table about the new baby and how I was worried about having three children and not being able to give them all the attention that they all deserved and how scared I was to do it without her.. She told me not to worry I would be fine and that she would allows be with me. I had awoke from the dream and had to use the bathroom.. I got off the couch and went to the little bathroom that set off the living room through my daughters room and when I turned around I saw my mother sitting on the couch, where my feet would have been if I was still lying on the couch. she was just looking at me smiling and so real as if she was still alive.. Tears filled my eyes, I closed my eyes I could not believe what I was seeing and I said out loud, I am not ready for this and when I opened my eyes she was gone...

For my mothers six anniversary I had decided to put together a benefit for CUE in honor of my mother and with the help of Delilah she connected me with Issac Bailey a columist for the Sun News.. In preparation for the article that was to be published in the paper I had done several interviews with Issac. On one particular interview he was coming to my house. As any normal person would do when they have company coming over they clean their house. Well in my house my curtains are my mothers curtains, The pictures that cover my walls are my moms home interior pictures and I have her crystal nic nacs scattered all through my house. I was standing in the kitchen dusting off one of her crystal candle holders and I felt this coldness in the middle of my back and this feeling continued up my back to my neck and the hairs on my body were literally standing and I had goose bumps. Before I even realized what was happening my right arm that I held the crystal holder felt as if It was being held in the hands of someone. I never saw a hand or anyone around me but I could feel someone holding my arm.

Thought I would share some of my experiences here since Sara brought the topic to the table, LOL!
Angie..Your story about your mom is so wonderful !! You are truly blessed to have had so many experiences! While I can feel my Minnie's presence many times..I have never seen her.Oh how I wish I could but maybe I would long for her even more (if THAT were possible) so she doesn't let me see her.I don't know.What I do know is that they are very happy ,home on the other side.They also are constantly visiting us !! Just because many of us don't actualy see them, as you did..doesn't make it not true that they are always with us.They ARE and they always have their great love for us intact !! GOD bless you Angie..I do !!!! With much love...always.....john
Sara, I do believe that it is possible to block out a loved one's message through anger, grief, and many causes. I haven't felt my son Tim's presence since he disappeared. Several other in the family have said that they felt him. My great-granddaughter said she was sitting on the foot of my bed alone. She said she felt a cool breeze across her hand and she said he was calling for help. I think the reason for my not feeling him near, is because I'm so angry all the time at the people who are responsible for him missing. I'm trying so hard to find him and find out what exactly happened to him, that I am hyper focused on them and my subconscious can't get through to me. I was always the one there for him. This time I wasn't there. I didn't know he was even having any trouble. He didn't tell me there was something wrong. I know it's possible to block out the good by concentrating on all the bad. Please pray for me to find the good and someday feel him near. LOL Tim's mom Mary
I to can relate to your anger towards who has hurt Tim... I held alot of anger towards the two men who murdered my mother..So much anger!! Don't get me wrong I am still angry at those two bastards but I don't let that anger consume me anymore. I to agree with you that once you can put your anger towards them at "bay" you might then be able to open yourself up to a visit from Tim.. I am not sure of the whole story of Tim... Not sure what answers you have or don't have but I think once you allow yourself to concentrate on your pain of sadness and not the anger you might find that then he will come to you to console you... Just a thought...
Mary..Even though you don't feel his presence,know that your Tim is with you ! Hate and anger are very strong emotions and may be blocking him from contacting you but he knows of your great love for him and he has not abanded you as he is with you in your sadness.I pray for you every night.GOD bless you Mary..You are a wonderful soul !! With much love..john
Delilah..I am finding so much about you ! That is a wonderful expierence !! I have tried to remember my dreams but never do.I have been told I vist the other side often but I never remember !! It is very true..Life and Love Are Eternal !! If you think of it..Please tell your grandmother Hi :) With much love and Big Hugs....Always...john
Ah yes ! Yes !! And was nothing but complete 'joy' to my heart !!!
It was about 5 months after losing my hubby, after being told by both our family Dr. & Surgeon, I'd not last 6 months, if I'd prepared for Glory - happily..........only, it didn't (obviously) happen, resulting in more sorrow than I could handle. This one night, it had truly hit me hard & for some stupid reason, it scourged its way into the pit of my soul, it felt & I was sobbing out of control, positive that no one, not my Gary, my Mom or Dad, nor our Lord wanted me up there ! I'm surprised I didn't bring a heart attack on..........! Anyways, I was in bed sobbing, sobbing & sobbing, about 30 min., when suddenly I had this urgent need to sit upright & there at the foot of our king size bed (I've always slept on the left), from left to right, was Gary, Mom & my Dad.....! All looking healthier & younger than last I saw them, but, BUT, all looking angry with me, then together they each raised their right hand, shook a finger at me & loudly shouted, together, "You ARE Wanted !!!"........................then they were gone...!
Poof..............simply gone, as quickly as they'd come.................!

I miss my hubby with everything that's within me.......... I miss my Mom, as she always was around to help me & would have been my strength through this.............. and Dad, he's been gone the longest, yet it feels like they were all just here that night !

Yes.......I believe that THEY communicated with me.......& others as well, have had such joy & blessing with their precious loved ones.............!
Sheila...What a beautiful experience !! GOD bless you hon ! While I have never seen my Minnie I have felt here.The experience is simply breath taking and confirms my beliefs. Thank you for sharing your experience with your loved ones.See..You truly are wanted ...especially HERE !!! With much love and Big Hugs...Always...john



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