So many times in our lives we are faced with an emptyness, a feeling of just not being whole in some way.  Sometimes it is because we are lacking some one  to make us feel special.  Sometimes it is because we have been hurt and have gone through very rough and rocky relationships. 


I know that sometimes when we suffer a loss of a person, weather it be from a passing away or just someone who is no longer in our lives on a regular basis, we can begin a greiving process.  What happens to us when we have missing loved ones, for many this means an ongoing process that can seem like it never ends.


At this time of the year in February, we are thinking of sharing special and intimate moments with those we love.  We are planning little ceremony's of sorts to show how much we love someone.  We are getting together with them and spending time or offering tokens of our love. 


How can someone who does not know where there loved one is share in such a celebration, how can we possibley celebrate that our loved one is out there and missing.  We might not know where that person is, or if that person is still with us here in this earthly state. 


The Celebration comes when we can show a love for someone living or not.  When we can celebrate a love that is eternal.  A love should not nor does it end when we are no longer in the presence of the ones we love, but it is that which we carry with us no matter where our loved one is. 


The struggles to know someitmes inhibit us from showing how we feel about that person because we are in the greiving process and we are not able to move forward with it, since most of the time we have no answers. 


Today may you find a way to celebrate the love that you have for that person no matter where they are in our world.  May we celebrate that we have had them in our world and may we celebrate that love is eternal.  Love is a bond that is stronger than anything in this entire universe and through love we keep those we have lost close to us. 


Celebrate that is our quest for this time of the year no matter what or where our special people might be.

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Gwennie.That was so beautifuly written and thought provoking ! You truly know what love is and I thank you my wonderful friend for your friendship and love !!! With Much LOVE ALWAYS....johnny
Thank you John for always allowing others to love you and for all the love you give back. I know you have suffered loss and that makes the way you love others just that more special. Hugs and blessings my dear friend.
Thank you Delilah. I had a burning in my heart that a need for this was out there. I am glad it has been of benifit and comfort to others.
"The Celebration comes when we can show a love for someone living or not. When we can celebrate a love that is eternal. A love should not nor does it end when we are no longer in the presence of the ones we love, but it is that which we carry with us no matter where our loved one is. "

Perfect words Gwennie!! Made me cry.
Me too, Maureen ... (sending that to my Mom, ;)
I hope it was a good cry Mo. I truely believe in my own heart that when those are not close to us that we celebrate our love for them because this keeps them close to us in spirit and in heart. Love is a never ending bond that we have with others. Relationships are emotional, mental and physical, but they are also spiritual. Having said that then we can conclude that, emotions and our mental along with our spiritual continue with us to our next life or our afterlife, and when someone is still in the physical you can often feel someones love through many, many miles. Celebration of ones love is no better way to keep them near us.
Gwennie, you so much so "put the peace into Peace4" - thank you for these much cherished words and message ... so much love to you! xoxoxo
I am actually glad to see this is helping others, that was truely my goal.
I was going to comment yesterday, when I was you know, deep in depression...eating chocolate like there would never be any more, but held off. Thank you for the post. It helped. Today is a new day. My heart is a little lighter.
Oh Karen bless you. I am so glad that both the Chocolate and the Article helped. It is really easy at this time of year to sink into a depression for many reasons, but if we can possibley see beyond the point of feeling alone, then that is when we can absorb the love we share with someone no matter how far or where they are. I am so glad you are feeling better today. My heart is lighter too because of you.
Gwennie..I have been thinking so much of my Minnie lately.It was this time last year she told me I couldn't commit suicide to be with her.My life changed alot after that and my love for her grew even stronger if that is possible.I guess the pain will always be's up to me to control it.She told me to find someone to live out the rest of my days with but I don't know if I could.I would have to let go a big part of her if I did to be fair to the other woman.I don't know if I could do that.Love is truly enternal..This I know ! Thank you for giving so much to peace4 and to me personaly.I LOVE YOU..ALWAYS...johnny
HI Karen and all,
Geeshe there must be another universal connection! I have aslo been feeling very very down, empty, lonley and missing pieces of myself, honestly My weakness My heart!
I have been reaching out to many it does help honest..
I lost a friend I have known on and off for over 40 years and worked with himm years ago-MAX it was a beautiful ceremony but sad -we humans get upset when we know we won't be able to get those bear hugs he was famous for anymore.( he was always gentle with my MOM!)
Also lost my dear unconditional ever following me and ready to please canine companion Bujee-
(polish for KISSES), I adopted her and gratefully had her for over 15 years her adopted sister companion LAdy BUG is sorely lost and missing her too really. She held on and waited for me to et home it took a little longer than I wanted she died with one last Loving straining look and sighs and attempt at a weal tail wag for me she died in my arms I can hear and feel her last earthly breath she had such a GOOD SOUL! SO I uunderstand HOW I DO! I have gone through three bags of miniture choclates in the last week!! Spring is coming to New England Hard way but I feel it days have been getting longer and sun is stronger it will be bittersweet but welcomed I was planning on taking my two "GIRLS" camping with me this year on short trips.... My MOM doesn't know and I am NOT going to tell her She hasn't been feeling the best either so we struggle through all of this and more demanding, insensitive working environments just to get by..Just KNow YOUR NOT ALONE!!! MY Hands, My heart and my soul reach out to you and all of you who are feeling the pain, the lonliness, the loss, doubt, anger and anguish...I understand and stand with you!
P.S. Family of 4 Missing in SOuthern CAlifornia tried to leave info on News Web site, also some missing in POrtugal NUD Slide, and Andrew Koenig previous child actor has been listed as MISSING too NO one is IMMUNE!



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