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Thanksgiving Holiday

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Missing-Christina M. Hinderer, I can't find her.

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"This is a list of Peace4 Member's Missing Loved Ones. (If your loved one is not on this list, please leave a comment in the Missing Loved Ones Group found here... ) Perhaps we could all take a moment to actively find out more about a different…"
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What brought you to Peace4? What are you most hoping to accomplish here?
-My 16 year old daughter Christina left with a 34 year old male who was her predator on 10/7/08. I cant find her. I can find him. He runs and I find him. He runs again, and I find him again, but I cant find Christina.

-Here is a blurb I sent to someone I thought was a reporter on behalf of Montgomery County, Texas, where we live - he ended up being affiliated with the police department and stated to me that the detectives (2 of them) have worked over 400 missing persons much like mine. I tell you this so you will understand the following, which summizes my experience so far-I have redacted the detective's name because I am not certain if he is helping for real or not, until I make that determination, I owe him the benefit of doubt:

Are you able to post my child’s missing poster in the paper. It’s been a month and Det. _____ with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s department is assigned to the case. We have desperately been trying to find her and she is missing with a 34 yr old male whom is findable but disappears periodically and I am so very exhausted.

Let me give you a little background.

Christina is a child who I prayed would be a girl even though the ultrasound said boy 3 times.

She came to us a girl with the prettiest strawberry blonde/orange hair I had ever seen. Her eyes are crystal blue and they do change with her moods. If she is angry, they do get a darker blue.

Christina was born 16.5 years ago here in Houston, at Methodist Hospital. She was everyone’s prize, especially ours.

Christina was moved to Montgomery Texas because the situation at the school she was attending became a nightmare and I wanted her safe at school as well as home. That was 4 years ago.

Anyway, Christina, the day before her 16th birthday informed me she found a job. She was so excited. I was excited for her. I figured she could help pay for her car, or at the very least, pay for her car insurance. And most importantly, she would be out of harm’s way if she was earning her way. She was so proud of her ability to work.

2 weeks after her actual birthday of May 14, I held her Sweet 16 Birthday party at the Montgomery Community Center. We had a menu and a DJ and I believe a good time was had by all. She had her princess dress and crown upon her hair, which was perfected by Kim Martin, a 34 year old who developed influence over Christina while she worked at McDonalds.

Christina met a 34 year old male predator, Larry Kellenberger at the McDonalds in Montgomery. Larry somehow was able to manipulate Christina into believing he was the bomb. The one to fall in love with. He was the man of men.

Larry would go to McDonalds and sit inside this Walmart’s McDonalds during Christina’s entire shift, since he was working there when she first started and then quit. When I found out that he was giving her rides I cut him and Kim Martin off. I spoke with both of them letting them know if they ever came near my child(ren), I would be contacting the authorities.

Then I started to rein Christina’s line in. What I didn’t know, is that Larry was going to the high school every day picking Christina up from school, most often before the last period of the day. He would drive her to our home and there they would hang out until it was time for my youngest to come home, at which time Larry would leave.

Larry had intimated to another adult couple that he has intimate feelings for Christina and that when they went to the movies, they would do more than watch the movie. This couple thought Larry disgusting and tossed his and Kim’s friendship out and notified CPS – because the couple didn’t know who I was or how to get a hold of me. I was grateful.

Time went on and Hurricane Ike occurred. Recovery was shockingly slow and things were changing. Christina was terribly loving with us, her sister and I and all seemed well. We survived the hurricane and the house was still standing and just a little bit of our things were ruined. But all in all, it was a good day.

We had stayed with a neighbor who had a brick home, the girls and I were getting a long tremendously - everyone who was with us would tell you so.

Christina and I didn’t fight, nor argue much. She was sloppy and I would demand that she clean up her messes, often to no avail and Saturdays were my day to clean up after the girls.

On October 7, 2008, I received a call from my youngest daughter, “Ah mom, have you seen Chris?” I explained that I didn’t get my call from her at 2:45 nor at 3 when the bus would arrive.

I became panicked. I knew instantly that something was wrong and I knew instantly that those two people, Kim and Larry had something to do with it. They were the only ones.

I arrived home and spoke with the teenager cattycorner from our house, she told me that Christina left with that man in the blue small SUV that always comes over. My stomach sank to my toes. This man has jailhouse tattoos down his legs and skulls across his fingers. He is husky and quiet. Eerily quiet for a grown man.

I telephoned the police that moment. October 7, 2008 and reported everything I knew about everyone and everything. He told me that it takes a week before the detectives get the case. My stomach now fell out of my body and my heart sank. Anything can happen in a week.

Then my landlord called and as I was speaking with him, he told me too, that he saw Larry – describing him to a tee, always at my house when I wasn’t home and he thought he was a relative. Anxiety started building to a level I could no longer handle.

I hung up the phone, telephoned the police and wanted to make an amended report to include the landlord, and the police did come back out, this time the officer wasn’t very nice and in fact yelled at me as he really didn’t want to make the amended report.

I wondered if it was because I lived in a trailer. Surely not, I was educated enough to know that my daughter, my beautiful little redheaded daughter, missing and under the spell of this 34 year old man was missing and as time went on I realized she took our best towels, older pots and pans and a few plates and silverware.

She was setting up house. I was going to implode now.

I desperately drove around looking for her each evening as I got off of work – I have to pay the bills so I have to work – then Saturday came. I found Larry and Kim, but no Christina. The witnesses told me what the vehicle was and who she left with, I knew they have their hands in this mess.

So I built my own flyer. The detectives didn’t have the case yet, not yet at all. I had 100 color flyers made of Christina and the car and the guy. I took them everywhere. I even took them to Larry’s mother’s home only to listen to her tell me what a good boy she had and how she knew my 16 year old was trouble those few times he brought her to his mother’s home. I said to her, “ma’am, my daughter may be trouble, but she is only 16, your son is 34.”

She looked at me and then I excused myself and left. There were several places I placed the flyers, but no one but Starbucks and after much adieu, the McDonalds in the Walmart where she worked would hang the flyers in the public’s eye. They would all agree to place them in the back break room, but no one wanted to post a flyer of an “endangered runaway” on their doors, it wasn’t their child.

As I struggled through the next week with the Detective who finally was assigned the case, and then had to get up to speed, that was 2 weeks lost. The third week it seemed like we were getting somewhere, but due to the fact that running away or leaving with an adult not your family member is not a crime their hands are pretty much tied.

The detective had done pretty well for the last two weeks, now we are on week 5. One week, getting the case assigned, one week getting up to speed, another week checking out the stories of Christina’s love for Larry and Larry’s love for Christina before he would having anything to go on.

Today we are on week 5, so Dear Mr. Reporter, would you be kind enough to print my story with my daughter’s Poster from National Missing and Exploited Children. I know we live in a trailer, I know we are not rich, I know that I don’t have much money, but I also know that Christina is my daughter and she is pretty and social and has a learning disability but presents so well. Her administrators at school love her. She is so loveable. I miss her hugs and kisses.

Christina gave me a gold watch the day before she left. Our relationship, I thought, was good at that time.

I later learned that her and Larry were trying to figure out how to emancipate Christina. I also learned that Christina began telling people that I had placed her in boot camp. She has never been bad enough for boot camp. I can’t even get her into boot camp today, her crime isn’t a crime.

They also told people that I beat her all the time. Her best friend told me she called Christina a liar because she never saw bruises on her. Christina said that is because I don’t beat her and would change the topic.

Larry and Christina also told people that the reason she didn’t go with her father is because he was in a hospital dying of cancer. He isn’t in a hospital dying of cancer, he is living on 290 and Jones Road, he just won’t keep his word and come visit Christina when he says he will.

So you see, Christina is under the spell of Larry. He has taught her well. She is lost and I can’t find her. Thus, if you please will post her flyer, I will be eternally grateful. I can’t even get the billboard people to let me buy a billboard, she said it would be a waste of money.

Thank you for your consideration.

Christina’s loving and heartsick mother and sister, Mom and Danielle
How did you hear about Peace4?

FOUND: Christina Hinderer

Christina was found today. The Detective telephoned me at 11 a.m. CDT US time explaining to me that he has good news and bad news. As most of you know, having not heard from Christina and so my thoughts ran to - okay they found her and she is dead. This wasn't the news at all, in fact, it was good news, the best a mother could pray for. This detective went on to say that the good news is, we found Christina and she is okay, the bad news is she is in Long Island, New York. We live near Houston in Texas. Anyway, after the detective called, I telephoned my counselor at National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and relayed the good news. This is a fantastic organization. She took right off as a liason between the detective and the Long Island Police Department and was working on an interstate transfer - which would save this single parent a ton of money.

The saga goes on, I then received a telephone call from CPS in NY. I thought, on no, not again. I have been grilled, rotated and grilled again. The local authorities have verfied everything-and I mean everything, the school was supportive and everything was smooth sailing. The funny thing is, as I was being grilled by the NY CPS, I melted and began sobbing. It was as if the flood gates opened and someone forgot to close them and I had no more control over the tears than I have over the rain.

Anyway, this kind woman asked me what happened, I explained to her everything I knew and then she asked my permission to allow Christina to stay at the runaway shelter in NY for the night, as they have an open bed and it would take at least a day before travel arrangements could be made and it was already after 1 p.m. eastern time.

After this, I telephoned my counselor again at NCMEC because I had forgotten to tell the CPS lady something. I told my counselor that I want Christina to know that I am disappointed. I don't want Christina to know I am mad, hurt, or became lost behind all of this, I just want her to know I love her very much and that I am disappointed. This way, it will leave a door open for her to come home and be a part of the family, without fear, hopefully! As we all know, fear in a teenager will make one do the strangest things.

I walked back into my office and thanked God for a wonderful phone call and then sent out emails to people I knew that were in prayer and/or worrying about what was going on with Christina. We were all starting to feel hopeless and helpless.

So here is how Christina was caught. The cousin of the family where she was staying with a 23 or 24 year old male, saw her picture at the NCMEC. This is a Mexican family. The cousin told his/her uncle - the father of the 23 / 24 year old that he/she believes Christina is the person in the flyer. The father of the 23 / 24 year old doesn't speak much English at all so he went to his priest and explained to the priest what was going on. The priest sent the senior home and then the priest telephoned the police. The police picked up Christina and detained her while contacting my detective. Christina's identity was confirmed.

A little background. This male who should be 24 years of age now is named Michael Morales.

Two years ago, or a bit longer, a new family moved into our area. They are from Long Island, New York. No one would associate with the 16 year old young lady except for Christina (tis that old southern versus northern mentality - originating from Maryland, I understand this, even though Maryland was south of the Mason/Dixon line).

We invited the young lady to the renaissance festival with us that thanksgiving holiday. I was with the children 100% of the time. This young lady introduced Christina to Michael Morales over her cell phone, though she told her parents that Christina grabbed the phone from her hands. This was one of those unthruths to protect one's own teenage dignity I suspect.

Anyway, Christina and Michael became cell phone pals. I regulated the phone so I suspected this interfered with Christina's ability to communicate on the occasion and I finally put a stop to his calls and grounded Christina because she was abusing the privilege.

It was approximately three months later, a girl friend of mine came to stay with us along with her two small children, they were living at a battered women's shelter. One day, Jane and I arrived home earlier than Christina and were able to check the mail first, like little children eh? In the box was a package for Jane. She was pretty excited since she hadn't lived with us long at all and it was her first piece of real mail again.

Jane opened the package with the enthusiam of a child. I sat back and smiled. It was a cellular phone, and it wasn't just any cellular phone, it was a high dollar one. We looked at each other as Jane didn't have a job yet and she panicked and said she had to send it back. We then looked at the return address and both became extremely angry - it was like two peas in a pod. It was from Michael Morales in Long Island, New York.

That afternoon Christina came home on the bus. She came into the house and we both explained the dangers of giving out our home address to strangers she doesn't know. The reins were tightened and with Jane in the house, I had a half a chance of follow through.

During this timeframe, while Michael was unable to gain contact with Christina he wrote the girlfriend back who introduced them and said many horrible things. These things were so bad that the girlfriend's father and the girlfriend from Long Island came to my home to show me the terrible thinigs Michael was saying and that I needed to make him stop it. This girl's father then told me that he is 21 years old and is in high school as a senior. This age thing set off alarms in my brain, as the average high school senior is between the ages of 17 and 19. This guy is 21 and this whole thing doesn't add up.

After I was finished explaining to the young lady's father how Christina met Michael - since it was his daughter who went to school with him - etc. The young lady said Christina had yanked the phone from her and took control. Herein lies the untruth. Nonetheless, herein lies further information.

I immediately got on my computer and did a background check on Michael Morales and found out he has a criminal past that postponed his education. I then called him while conferencing Sonyia on the line (Christina's aunt) and explained to that Christina was only 14 and a half and that if he didn't quit calling my home I would call the authorities.

Of course, he didn't finish calling and so I called the authorities. There wasn't anything they could do unless there was a threat.

Christina didn't know this nor did the young man. I let them both know that the authorities knew about Michael and that Michael was very specifically told that Christina was a minor.

Jane and I thought we had this one nailed shut. Today I learned we did not. The original threat, Larry Kellenberger is still considered a predator with all of the statements he has made concerning Christina here locally. Michael is claiming he didn't know Christina was a minor - which is a flat out lie. I don't know what recourse I will have with these two men, though I know if I don't do something now, the next child will be younger and so on.

Now I have to go and clean up the internet and see about getting a runaway classified as a Class C Misdemeanor. (This is like getting a traffic ticket, it is truly not a hardened crime, nor is it a recordable crime.)

God bless all of you here at Peace 4 the Missing. I know I had a few short circuits while this episode of life was ongoing and I cannot thank you all for all that you have done for me. I pray that some day I may meet you - each of you and hug you in life. Until then, I hug you in prayer and hug you in soul.

I promise to keep coming back and keeping up with you folks, but for the immediate future I have had to hire a babysitter for Christina, contact the school to put in place an escort for her to get on the bus instead of a strange man's car and finally go through her room and make it childproofed.

God bless!

P.S. I miss her so much and so does her sister. I can't wait to see her and hug her and let her know how much she is loved and then I will tell her about the disappointment.

Love L

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At 4:08am on September 17, 2009, Cheree said…
At 7:59am on May 25, 2009, Grace Flynn said…
At 8:44am on April 16, 2009, Grace Flynn said…
I thought this was a fantastic offer and opportunity! I'm just spreading the word. Please contact Chad/TrackMissing to include your missing loved one. Thank you for all you do Chad!

Written by Chad Scott on April 8, 2009 at 5:43pm (In the Forum Chat/Share Area)

TrackMissing would really like to get your missing loved one listed on our site. Please send us an email (, contact me through Peace4 or go to our website and authorize us to do so. We will be holding multiple fund raisers and public awarness events over the next several months and this will increase traffic to our website and get your missing loved ones face out to more people.

If anyone knows how to send this message to all peace4 members please do so. We do not want to overlook a single missing person. Even if you do not wish for us to assist in your case, we will still post the picture and link to the missing persons site. Also, at each event we will profile multiple missing persons for additional exposure.
At 7:11am on April 3, 2009, Grace Flynn said…
I'm sorry to say I haven't been here much this week. I see others have been working their butts off to make Peace4 work! Peace4 is so INSPIRATIONAL, so CREATIVE, so needs to be 501C3/Non-Profit! However, funds are needed to achieve this dream. COLD-HARD-CASH! Yes, times are tough. Me, personally, I have never been this broke in my life. It sucks! I've made a couple of small donations to Peace4 because that's all I could afford. Peace4 members, PLEASE, give what you can!


Gods Cake
The Mouse Trap
One Word for Peace4


Cha Ching Cha Ching....Hmmm Wonder what this could mean.
Amy Matthews' Artwork
Lavanda Dolce's Beautiful Banners

Since I have your attention! Please visit This is how I help - This is how my voice is heard. My objective is to get members to join in and participate. I believe there are many members too shy to talk about how they help or they believe that they are not really helping or making a difference! As we all know, nothing could be further from the truth!

***BRAND NEW!***
Peace4 Ongoing Discussion/Chat

Thank you so much for reading this post. I hope you will visit every link and become inspired as I have.

Have a Peace4 Day!

At 3:58pm on March 9, 2009, Sara Huizenga said…
This is a list of Peace4 Member's Missing Loved Ones. (If your loved one is not on this list, please leave a comment in the Missing Loved Ones Group found here... )

Perhaps we could all take a moment to actively find out more about a different loved one on this list each day that we "check-in" to Peace4 and even better, then spread awareness regarding that person as best we're able...

GREAT way to spread awareness, join Peace4's blogroll, Monday4 the Missing and post a different missing person blog entry on your blog each monday, please join here...


Tracey Gardner-Tetso
Lisa Marie Shuttleworth
Jami Lynn Harrison
Amy Fitzpatrick
Melissa Dawn Heath
Zuzanna Ziajko
Jennifer Cornell
Sharron Prior
Suzanne Lyall
Keerstin Loomis
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Tom R Starkel
Brandy Hall
Diana Lynn Harris
Carlos Diaz
William (Billy) Smolinski
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'Charles'KarolyJohn Horvath Allan
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Travis Baker
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Jessie Foster
Stacey Grater
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Cynthia Louise Day
Kenny Naidas, Jr.
Rachel Conger
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Brad Olsen
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Brandon Dale Fankhauser
Lorne Boulet
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Bryan and Dwayne Ferrell
Cory P Robinson
Mary Badaracco
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Mystic Dawn Salazar
Tina and Bethany Sinclair
Rachel Troyer
Branson Perry
Trevor Morse
Randy Spring
Joyce Darlene Patterson
Jason Scott Adkins
Benjamin Lund
George Vasquez
At 11:58pm on March 7, 2009, Grace Flynn said…
Come back Lisa!

Miss You
Myspace Layouts

At 12:19am on January 8, 2009, Lisa Seltenreich said…
I wish to comment on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. I have just had my first experience with this organization and I cannot speak highly enough of them. Not only do the act as the liason between the different law entities, but they truly care about the family unit and reuniting them. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty in my instance and I just want you all to know this, as this may be a significant tool for others. Also, at first presentation, one doesn't know what they do, well they send flyers to be posted within large chain organizations, where I was unable to get a public posting, they came behind me and did so. This organization is a great tool to help any family.

With that said, if it weren't for Peace 4 the Missing, I probably would have had a breakdown (not that I didn't break down, but I mean a full onset of a breakdown) Thank you Peace 4 the Missing, you are truly God Send.
At 1:21am on January 7, 2009, Carol said…
I am very happy for you and your family. Best wishes for the future.

At 12:09am on January 7, 2009, Grace Flynn said…
Lisa, I am so happy for you! You must be on Cloud 9. Your family will be complete again. I'm so happy that NCMEC is helping with the travel arrangements. That is fantastic! I have to remember to make a donation to them - I didn't know they did that. Anyways, take a deep breath, relax and then maybe you can get a good night's sleep. You deserve it! Talk to you later!
At 8:00pm on December 22, 2008, Bryan Lee McGlothin said…
Thanks for the invite and the kind words. I realize most everyone has a story and a pain. It's up to us to use this pain... or we may end up allowing the pain to use us.



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