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SHS Spring Newsletter 2011 Lacey Gaines murder case is featured unsolved case



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Listen to TrueFacts at 7pm on the Thursday Program about Lacey Gaines Murder case, Justice, IL.

Lacey's Aunt Cherry on TrueFacts with AMW Jon Leiberman click on programs Thursday at 7pm discussing Lacey's Case 

TRUEFACTS - CyberStationUSA 

to contact Mr Jon Leiberman go to: 

Jon… Continue

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CrimePAY$-$2,000 Lacey Gaines Murder Reward


Look what Max did!!!


Max Cannon

Founder SafeCITY Publishing

Publishers of "Local MugSHOTS"…


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The Two-Faces of Steve Nodine; Politician and accused murderer of Angel Downs and CRIMEWIRE

Lots of links and info on this case as well as statistical data on non-stranger crimes, vicitim-blaming, etc.

I look closely at Mr Steve Nodine's ability to hide behind a "Good-Guy" persona.

I hope…

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Angel Downs and Wendy Stevens Murders in Mobile, AL

Two Cases of Murder

Mobile Alabama is my home and one I’ve cherished. The children here are taught to answer, “yes ma’am or yes sir” and southern hospitality is practiced along with football, going to church, fishing and hunting.

Recently two men allegedly hunted…


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Sunset Apartments Yahoo Review says maintenance man killed Lacey

This is from a myspace email from a friend of Lacey's. After you click on link and read Benita's reveiw comment scroll further down the page. There's a post by an anitalacey82 on 12/02/2009. Could that have been Lacey? I knew she desperately wanted to move back home.

It may not be like a very great source of information but I was looking for apartments in Illinois and Sunset Lake Apartments was one of the links that I came across under the persons first review a woman commented saying… Continue

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In Remembrance of Lacey


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Life Issues - Victims

Dear Friends,

I'd like to ask you a favor. It will help victim's of crime (this includes Domestic Violence, Miissing Persons, Murdered Family Members, Rape Victim's, etc)

Below is my churches Synod's URL. Take a look at the life issues list - inmates but no victim. I wrote them and spoke to several people today. I'm trying to get something started, they've agreed to do a story in a magazine and we are talking about other ideas.

They're excited about doing… Continue

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A story of HOPE, overcoming grief: Ali Was Here - The story of the Ali Kemp Murder

New from Kansas City Star Books:

Ali Was Here – the story of the Ali Kemp murder, the hunt for her killer, and how the Kemp family has dealt with the grief.

"[Roger Kemp, Ali’s father] hasn’t allowed himself to be re-victimized. He hasn’t taken his pain out on himself or his family. Instead, he’s turned his hurt and anger into something positive and helpful to others."

- John Walsh,… Continue

Added by Maureen Reintjes-Peace4 Admin on August 5, 2009 at 2:09pm — 1 Comment

Florida Couple who adopted 12 children found slain while 8 children slept. Look for RED Van

PENSACOLA, Fla. — Investigators asked the public to be on the lookout Friday for a red van they believe carried three men involved in the deaths of a Florida Panhandle couple who were shot in their rural home while eight of their children slept.

Surveillance cameras showed the van at the home of Byrd and Melanie Billings in Beulah, a rural area west of Pensacola near the Alabama border, Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan said. The children were unharmed.

The sheriff's… Continue

Added by Gwen Johnson on July 10, 2009 at 10:21pm — 1 Comment

SC serial killer blamed for 4 deaths in 6 days

GAFFNEY, S.C. — Sheriff's deputies searched Friday for a serial killer blamed for four deaths over the past six days as terrified residents wondered who might be next.

Investigators have not figured out how the victims are linked or if they knew the man who shot them. So far, all they have is a sketch of a suspect and a possible getaway vehicle, said Cherokee County Sheriff Bill Blanton.

"There's no evidence there is a hit list," Blanton said. "There's no evidence he knows… Continue

Added by Gwen Johnson on July 3, 2009 at 3:22pm — 1 Comment

Police: Va. dad lured son home for family slaying

ROANOKE, Va. — A college student played dead to escape a family shooting by his father, who killed the other son and their mother before setting their house on fire and taking his own life, investigators said Monday.

Authorities said the father, retired tire factory employee William Ronald Carter, shot his wife, Bonnie, 56, and their 29-year-old son William Ronald Carter Jr. He later shot Timothy Carter, 22, in the back and then again after the… Continue

Added by Gwen Johnson on June 29, 2009 at 2:40pm — 1 Comment

The Murder of Two Oklahoma Girls Still Baffling after a year...very sensless indeed.

This is the link to watch the video I tried to embed it but it would not work.


Added by Gwen Johnson on June 9, 2009 at 9:00pm — 4 Comments

An Oregon Mother is charged with the murder of her 3 year old son and attempted murder of her 7 year old daughter.

This story is so sad, and these children had no choice. The mother is suspected of throwing them into the River after dark and people said they could here their screams and cries.

News Video of Story

Added by Gwen Johnson on May 24, 2009 at 12:30pm — 2 Comments

Boy 13 Escapes As Father Kills His Family And Himself

Troy Beller 34, took the lives of two sons and his wife after an arguement they had had. Wendy Bellar 31 years old, was taking her children and leaving. She was unable to get away. Before she could leave Troy open fire with a 7.62 mm rifle and killed his wife and his 5 month old son Zack James Bellar and his 7 year old son Ryan Patrick Bellar on thier front porch area.

His 13 year old son Nathan Bellar was running for his life through the garage… Continue

Added by Gwen Johnson on May 4, 2009 at 1:16pm — 2 Comments

Tonight on the Levi Page Show

Lis Wiehl, former federal prosecutor and co-host of The Radio Factor w/ Bill O'Reilly and Fox News legal analyst, discusses her new thrilling novel, Face of Betrayal.

Also Pat Brown criminal profiler, Vito Colucci private investigator and Attorney Mark Eiglarsh discuss the Caylee Anthony case and the BREAKING NEWS in the Sandra Cantu murder case, a female Sunday school teacher has been arrested!

Tune in Live every Sunday… Continue

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Father kills 5 children then himself.

Authorities and relatives portrayed a father believed to have killed his five children and then himself

as a strict parent who had been reprimanded by the state and a

jealous husband driven to rage by another… Continue

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How I became aware of my gifts as a psychic medium ...

Prior to January 24th of 2006 I was what you would consider a strong skeptic of all things paranormal and psychic. Even though I had a few unusual experiences as a child, I dismissed them at an early age and never looked back. Fast forward from 1974 to the beginning of 2006 and here I was in California, married, two kids, my own business and everything looked sunny for the road ahead. I thought I had it “figured out”, I loved my work … and was considered a leader in the business. I had just… Continue

Added by Charles Peden on April 6, 2009 at 3:03am — 3 Comments

Notes on psychic detective work from a psychic medium and animal communicator

When I first began to really understand just how easy it is to connect with those who have passed, I thought to myself … unsolved crimes should be easy to solve if you can speak with the victims and the loved ones of the victims who are already on the other side. Now after having been involved in a few high profile missing persons cases and other cases where my abilities have been requested, I have this to say about it.

Solving crimes and missing person cases as well as missing pet… Continue

Added by Charles Peden on April 5, 2009 at 10:10pm — 33 Comments

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