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There's a Law Against That - Time's UP Blog Post

by Tad DiBiase original post…


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February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month!

Many may or not be aware that today, February 1, 2010 kicks off Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

Every day should be recognized as personal safety awareness but this month we will streamline and focus on our young people.

Did you know that 1 in 5 teens in a serious relationship reports having been hit, slapped or pushed by a partner? Not only can abuse be physical but it can be sexual, verbal, emotional and stalking.… Continue

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Life Issues - Victims

Dear Friends,

I'd like to ask you a favor. It will help victim's of crime (this includes Domestic Violence, Miissing Persons, Murdered Family Members, Rape Victim's, etc)

Below is my churches Synod's URL. Take a look at the life issues list - inmates but no victim. I wrote them and spoke to several people today. I'm trying to get something started, they've agreed to do a story in a magazine and we are talking about other ideas.

They're excited about doing… Continue

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Rihanna Breaks Her Silence on Chris Brown Saga



Wednesday, November 4, 2009, 12:39

Washington, (ANI): Rihanna wants to turn things around after the infamous domestic violence incident involving former boyfriend Chris Brown and shed some light on the reality of domestic violence. The… Continue

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Amazing enough I thought we had moved to a quiet place where I could actually get some peace and serenity, little did I know that was far from the truth. I have a daughter that does not seem to learn lessons and continues to repeat her actions.

My oldest son came over today, last night at the apartment complex where he lives, his sister lives, her fiance lives, their children live, there was a royal crazy outburst of violence after several people… Continue

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A Woman's Self-Worth......FIGHT FOR IT, DAMN IT!

Self-Worth; this is a word that is so much easier to say and spell then it is to feel!

Why do so many women feel that they have no self-worth? How did they lose it? Is it because of the way the world has portrayed the perfect woman today? Is it because someone took it from them? Is that the void some fill by over eating? Did their partner breach a trust? Does their partner demean them with insults about how they look? Did… Continue

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"FEMALES & GUNS", A part of Myths=Excuses / Facts=Reality

Even though I have shot guns since I was in junior high school, had a concealed carry permit in my lifetime and I support the Right To Bear Arms; I do not support the myth, "I own a gun and that is the best possible method of self-defense. If someone attacks me, I can use it to protect myself."

Let's take a look at why not......the facts/reality of such myth. First, I say congratulations! I have heard this comment from females… Continue

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Violence Prevention Training - "Raising female awareness and skills to reduce susceptibility in response to violence."

We are reaching out to many by educating them about awareness, proactive options, detection, how to diffuse a situation and ultimately how to protect and defend oneself if the threat presents itself.

We do not promote violence what-so-ever; we do believe that every female has the right to protect and defend herself. Violence Prevention Training with be with these ladies the rest of their lives. They will never forget what they have been taught, mentally nor… Continue

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Domestic Violence/Assault - STOP THE VIOLENCE

Domestic violence does not "see" race, gender, age, religion, degree of education, economic status - domestic violence can rear it's ugly head at any time. Yes, males are victims too!

Domestic violence is the use, or the threat of the use, of violence in an intimate partner relationship to attain and maintain power and control. Domestic violence is a pattern of intentionally violent and/or controlling behavior. Domestic violence often involves the use of physical force but can also… Continue

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The Power of Fear

The Power of Fear

Where is all of the violence coming from in our world? Is it the powerful exhibiting their strength to the powerless? Is it the strong preying on the weak? Those are parts of the problem, but it’s usually someone trying to prove a point to themselves and they try to force their belief on the person being violated. The main ingredient of violence is usually the fear that is inside of the person being violent.

* When a person is free of fear they don’t feel… Continue

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In Loving Memory of Ira Yarmolenko

In Memory of Ira Yarmolenko.....Spoken Word by Jake Jacoby The Youth International Slam Poetry Team representing Chapel Hill and Durham, North Carolina. We are a team made of 13-19 year olds that compete in Brave New Voices. Brave New Voices is a Slam Poetry Competition that is ran by Youth Speaks out of California, you can reach them at We are called The Sacrificial Poets in honor and memory of our dear friend Ira… Continue

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Batterers may be difficult to identify because they can be found in all social and demographic groups. They come from all walks of life, all professions, and all educational backgrounds. The vast majority of men who batter are not mentally ill. Their intent is not to inflict pain, but to cause fear and intimidation in order to gain and maintain power and control over their partners.

Batterers abuse their partners because they choose to do so. Outside circumstances (stress, alcohol,… Continue

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Warning Signs, Red Flags, Gut Instincts, Intuition

Warning signs or "red flags" prevail long before the push, shove, grabbing, punch, or assault unless one is simply ambushed. We have to learn and teach our family and friends how to "Detect to Avoid".

I open and welcome discussion to all about Power & Control. Please feel free to share the attached Violence Power and Control wheel - you never know who is hurting behind closed doors (mentally, emotionally or physically) - there are many aspects of abuse. Thank you and God… Continue

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Police: Va. dad lured son home for family slaying

ROANOKE, Va. — A college student played dead to escape a family shooting by his father, who killed the other son and their mother before setting their house on fire and taking his own life, investigators said Monday.

Authorities said the father, retired tire factory employee William Ronald Carter, shot his wife, Bonnie, 56, and their 29-year-old son William Ronald Carter Jr. He later shot Timothy Carter, 22, in the back and then again after the… Continue

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There is an ugly twist to what is alreayd a terrible tragedy.

Today I got a letter in the mail from the Department of Corrections. It was so that I could join the Victims Services Program. As I read on it said that it was so they could inform me of all movement and going ons of the inmate in the Washington State Correctional Facility. So I had to relive the horrible thoughts after this terrible tragedy that you will read about. I was that witness who called 911 and I was the one who remained silent except for at… Continue

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Barbara Bentley said:
I am pleased to announce that my story is being featured on DATELINE NBC on Sunday, June 7, 2009.

The hour-long show is based on my book “A Dance with the Devil: A True Story of Marriage to a Psychopath” and its title “The Years of Living Dangerously.”

Check your local guides for time and NBC affiliate station. Please be advised that TV schedules are flexible and responsive to breaking…

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Signs that you may be being abused!

Love is not control, domination or abuse in any form! if you are experiencing any of the things listed on this chart, than you need to understand that you are in a dangerous relationship. Even if it is not a physical danger, emotional damage is just as dangerous, and can even be more damaging than physical violence. We have a tendency to say "well at least he is not hitting me or beating me up" so we tend to justify it to ourselves. It is important to know that there is no excuse for abuse… Continue

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5 year old little girl, molested 3/4 of her life so far, not receiving help from parents or CPS

p style="text-align: left;">

5 year old little girl, molested 3/4 of her life so far, not receiving help from parents or CPS This little girl has been drastically let down by her parents, CPS and the detective. The story is real and it is heartbreaking! She needs me, she needs you, she needs all of us... Not just a voice, but a scream to be heard by authorities... she needs help NOW! We can no longer allow the system to betray her. Please join me in the fight to bring this… Continue

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Boy 13 Escapes As Father Kills His Family And Himself

Troy Beller 34, took the lives of two sons and his wife after an arguement they had had. Wendy Bellar 31 years old, was taking her children and leaving. She was unable to get away. Before she could leave Troy open fire with a 7.62 mm rifle and killed his wife and his 5 month old son Zack James Bellar and his 7 year old son Ryan Patrick Bellar on thier front porch area.

His 13 year old son Nathan Bellar was running for his life through the garage… Continue

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When they see you go through it how often does it take them in the same direction

When I was younger I had been in an abusive relationship with my childrens father. I really didnt know how it would affect the daughters I had or even my sons.

I know they were never really allowed to see it, and for whatever reason my ex would make them go to their rooms before he would beat me. I am sure he thought he was doing the best for the children, but there was the hearing and it was just as bad, not only that but then also there was the… Continue

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