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Of All The Journeys in Life..I Didn't Know That Cervical Cancer Would Be One

My life has taken many different, unique, exciting, happy, bittersweet, enjoyable and sad turns.....As I sit here tonight and reflect on the oh so many changes....Some out of my control and some in my control....I take a deep breath and say WOW....I have only lived this life for 34 years now and what a journey it has been so far..Lost my mother to murder. Over came a drug and alcohol…


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Happy Birthday Mom....

Dear Mom,

Today is your 52nd birthday....This year I did something a bit different. I know that usually I try to forget it is your birthday and carry on like it is just another day.. I guess it was easier to try to forget it was your birthday when we did not know where you were because the pain was just so unbearable....But this year you are laid to rest and I have a piece of you around my neck close to my heart. With you so close to me I…

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My Profile

For the past year I have been using my mothers picture as my profile pic..I have decided to use my photo as my profile pic so that all of you will know what I look like..Everyone knows my name but has no clue as to what I look like unless you have actually met me in person..I hope that at next years CUE conference I will be able to meet so many more of you and the only way to do that is if you know what I look like! LOL


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I have been neglectful Peace 4 and I am truly sorry

I know most of you are on facebook and you see me all over the place there and hardly see me here..I am truly terribly sorry about that..I did not intentionally mean to neglect my duties as admin..And certainly far most did not intend to neglect all of you who are here for support..But the fact is that I have taken my mothers burial rather hard...And it is so hard to bring myself here. To a place that is so much a part of my mother..I have been trying to keep my mind occupied with other things.… Continue

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Some Pictures Of Moms Funeral

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My Mom Alice Donovan's Official Public Funeral

Okay this might sound strange to some people if you don't know my mothers whole story...But I am happy and honored to announce that her funeral service will be held November 14th 2009 at The Hillcrest Cemetery Chapel 1000 HWY 544 Conway South Carolina at 3pm!! I have waited for this day for seven years!! It is a public service, open for all to come and pay their respects and finally say goodbye to one of the greatest woman I have ever had the pleasure to know...

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The Best Birthday Card Ever!!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!! This year was truly the happiest birthday for me in a long long time. So many things to rejoice about and be happy for.. I have the best extended family here online.

This online card that Dee sent me made me cry. Thank you Dee it made my day!!

I would like to share it with you all. click on My Birthday Card to view the card that Dee sent me!…


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If you are new to the site we have a calendar where we like to add our missing loved ones for remberance. The date of their birth and the dates they have gone missing.. If your loved one is not on the calendar please email me their first and last name and their birthday and their missing date..

If you have been here a while and I have not added your missing loved one please email me with their birthdate and missing date.. The calendar is used when making birthday tributes on their… Continue

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The Real World, Trying To Make A Difference

I wrote this on another ning site over a month ago. I wanted to share it here to. Most of you already know my story but for those of you who are new and may feel lost, I hope that my story and words help you in some way or give you something that you need..

I am a married 32 year old woman and looking back on my years of growing up, I never had invisioned my life to be what it is today. As a pre-teen I was a rebel. Did everything that I was not suppose to do because I could.… Continue

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November 14th 2002, The Day

Man I am so not a morning person. But I some how always muster up the energy to get out of bed to go to work. I shower and get dressed for work just like any other day. I hear noise in the kitchen and I am curious. I go and take a look. There is mom half awake making coffee. She kind of caught me off guard because I did not expect her to be up that early on her day off. She usually slept in. She started yelling at me over coffee creamer. I really should not have got so mad and upset at her. She… Continue

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November 15th 2002 The Begining

It's early friday morning. I am standing in front of the kitchen window at the sink running water into the coffee pot and I see Barry pulling up the driveway. I wonder why he is not at work.

I'm still standing at the sink when Barry corners me and asks me what my mother said to me on the phone. There he stood looking upset, worried and angry. I told him again what my mom said to me on the phone yesterday evening. The same thing I told him before. I asked him why he was asking me this. He… Continue

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Waiting For My Nightmare To Completely End

I was sitting on the picnic table in the garage drinking a beer with Eric and his cousins. Passing time before the viewing. Carey brought my phone to me and said that my phone was blowing up. My sister was trying to get a hold of me..I checked my phone and I had three text messages. I opened the text from my sister and it read "DNA confirmed it is mom!!!" I was so surprised. I started freaking out. I grabbed my crutches and got up saying "I got to go" "Oh my god". I started crutching down the… Continue

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Victim Speaks Of His Experience Almost Seven Years Later

HOPKINS CO., KY (WFIE) - Sunday night, a victim of two men who went on a five state killing spree said Brandon Bashem and Chadrick Fulks admitted to killing two women back in 2002.

The remains of one person were found just days ago.

One Tri-State man said he survived a brutal attack by the two men.

On Friday, DNA reports confirmed the remains found near a South Carolina dirt road were Alice Donovan.

This was certainly a moment of relief for the Donovan… Continue

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DNA confirmation has been confirmed it IS my MOM!!!!!!!!!!

I write this with bittersweet feelings... I am in New York right now attending a funeral of my husbands grandmother and recieved a call from my sister at 4:30pm telling me that the remains found on Watertower road were of my mothers.... I am shook up and a bit shocked and at the same time so VERY relieved that we can FINALLY put this behind us... I honestly did not think that we were ever going to get this....

It took me a minute for all of it to set in and when it did I once again… Continue

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Gramma Rose has passed away this morning

I recieved the sad news this morning that Gramma Rose has passed away this morning..She is in a better place. May she rest in peace..

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All Faces Of Missing Loved Ones

I am trying to make a slide show of ALL of our missing loved ones. I have many pictures of most of our members missing loved ones but not ALL.. Please everyone take a few moments and watch this slide to see if your loved one is included. My goal is to post this slide show where ever I can through out the internet to get more exposure of our missing loved ones.. I WANT all of peace 4's missing loved ones included. If your loved ones picture is not there please provide me with a photo or a link… Continue

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Needing prayers for my gramma Rose

Sunday afternoon my gramma Rose (actually my husbands gramma) was brought to the hospital by her grand daughter because she was acting very loopy.. She is a 76 year old woman with many medical problems. Ranging from heart problems, strokes, diabetic, high blood pressure, pain from arthritis and many other medical problems that I don't even know about.. My in laws thought that she may have suffered a stroke due to her behavoir. She tried to wipe her bum with a comic magazine, light her cigarette… Continue

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Remember June

Benjamin Lund was last seen June 13, 2005 at the H-E-B grocery store in Harker Heights, Texas. His Nissan Sentra was found four days later, abandoned in Killeen.…


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July's Peace4 The Missing Loved Ones

Daughters That Are Missing

As another year passes for the family members of these missing loved ones they are still left with out answers as to where they are. These men and woman are someones daugthers, mothers and son. They are sadly missed and the familys want them… Continue

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Finding Our Missing Loved Ones (Calendar)

I am trying to update our peace 4 calendar of our missing loved ones.. I have decided to also include the dates of which our loved ones have been found or recovered. I have already added Travis Baker but if there are any other loved ones that have been recovered could you please leave a comment at the link I have provided for you below so that I may add them to.Please make sure to include the month, day and year they went missing and the month, day and year your missing loved one was… Continue

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