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Have you ever heard of this??

I was just talking to a Mom whose son has been missing for roughly 6 months.  She lives on the East Coast and he went missing in Los Angeles CA.  She filed a missing persons report shortly after he went missing.  The accepted the missing persons report but have renigged and put a warrant out for an arrest due to the car he was driving has been reported stolen (he was supposed to turn it back into the dealership, he didn't actually steal the car).  They have told his mother that his missing…


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My version of what every family with a missing loved one needs to know....

I am writing this from my own experience, having been in that "world" for 6 years and having a resolution, although not the one I wanted.  I also am in contact with other people who have missing loved ones.  The following is a list of things that I see, looking back, that I wish I had known.  They are also things that I see still happening to people right now. So here goes....


Be Cautious to who you give your personal information

Just because a person joins…


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From Missing Person Case to Murder Case

It's been 1 year and almost 8 months since I was told that my mom's remains had been identified.  I can't believe so much time has past.  It still feels so fresh. 


A lot has happened between then and now.  I have gone through every range of emotion possible.  We held mom's memorial and saw some family and friends. 


I had been so tired from searching and obsessing for so long that I didn't even care who did it.  I mean deep down I did but I just didn't have the…


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First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and REAL with me here. I am so grateful there is a place to go where I can be surrounded by understanding and compassionate people.

That being said I wanted to write an update for 2 reasons. One is to help someone else who might be going through this and the second reason is that writing it gets it off my chest. I guard who I share my feelings with because no one understands and there is nothing worse than… Continue

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The afterlife (for me)

So after almost 3 weeks I have discovered that the greiving for my mother is completely different than how I felt when my dad died.

It is amazing how the body reacts to situations like this. Its amazing how people react to you. Its amazing how no matter how much you think you are prepared and ready for this portion of the journey, you really have no idea.

Especially after 6 years of knowing with 99% feeling that she would never have walked away from us. No calls, no… Continue

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My mom's remains have been located

Bones were found scattered in Death Valley in March of 2008 and were just positively identified as belonging to my Mom Catherine Lique. I don't have very much information right now but I wanted you guys to know. You have all been so wonderful and supportive. its not the outcome I wanted but it is definitely a relief to know something. I am still in shock right now.

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Possible sighting??

Ok my first instinct is to bury my head in the covers and cry. My second instinct is to get excited. Talk about a mixed reaction eh? I got an email this morning from Gloria Denton while she was travelling with the CUE road tour. While they were on the road she saw a woman that she swears can be my mom. She wrote down the license plate and truck ID number and description and then called the detective on her daughter's case. After the supposed sightings in June that all turned out to be… Continue

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New Info on my MOM

I just recieved word that my mom was picked up from a friends house in Barstow to stay with a guy name Bob who lived in Hinkley. This was right before her disappearance and also right before she shacked up with Steve Jones. So in September and October of 2003.

This friend is a lifelong friend of my families and doesn't believe she would have up and left. She told me that she loved us kids very much and would never just go away.

If anyone out there has any info please… Continue

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Letter posted on Project jason for the Angel's Awareness Network.

A story written for the 18 Wheel Angels campaign by Catherine's daughter, Stephanie:

Missing my Mom

By Stephanie Thompson, Catherine’s Daughter

The last time I spoke to my mom she told me that her boyfriend was going to bring her up to Oregon to visit since he was a trucker. This was early May 2003, and less than a year after she and my Dad had split up. I told her that I would buy her a million bus tickets before I would let her bring a new man around my Dad, who was… Continue

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Things every family MUST know

To those who aren't familiar with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Coroner's Department, this is written by David Van Norman who has been an enormous help in ruling out Jane Doe's in my mom's case and also in April Pitzer's case. He also joins us on his private time to look for our loved ones. This guy is just amazing!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

What every Family MUST know

By Deputy Coroner… Continue

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First Newspaper Story on my mom in 5 and a half years of her being missing

Mother, daughter of missing women to search the desert

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May 3, 2009 - 8:30 AM

By ABBY SEWELL, staff writer

BARSTOW • The mother of one missing woman and the daughter of another will join forces this upcoming weekend to search for traces of their family members.

For the eighth time since 30-year-old mother of two April Beth Pitzer went missing in June of 2004, her mother, Gloria Denton, will travel to the Barstow area from… Continue

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A letter to my mom that Glendene Grant so graciously included in her White Picket Fence Newsletter


First of all let me tell you that I miss you. More than I think you would ever believe. My days and nights are filled with thoughts of you. Hope, wonder and horror fill my head every hour of every day. Your voice resonates in my mind as if it was just yesterday that I spoke to you. Even after all of these years I would still recognize your voice if you called me. Just once. The impact missing you has had on my life is immeasurable. I find myself in tears or on the verge of tears… Continue

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