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Suspicious Disappearance of a wife and mother


In 1987 a lovely woman went missing from Arkansas.  She was reported missing by the tenants who lived in her basement apartment in her own home.  It was said she was last seen at a Packaging store.  She was supposed to be on her way to California to visit her son, according to the article…


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Hero's of Mine and So Many of Us.


Beyond Hope and Back seems like it could be a title of a book.  Maybe it is!  If so it is about the people we see here each day or on facebook each day or even passing by them in the library or at the super market, they are just like you and me except they live with something that many of us dont have to ever live with, they live with having a missing family member, friend, or maybe even a murdered one. 

Over and over again and again they try so very hard to…


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Around The World and Back Again

The one true thing you can know of yourself and others around the world and that is that they have missing people too. 


There are people all around the globe that suffer through the same feelings, emotions,…


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I cant stress enough how sometimes I get into these rush hurry-up modes, or those moments when everything around me seems extremely loud and harsh.  I dont always take time to just sit in my own silence and here nothing but see so much that it actually speaks through the visual senses.  I am here to share a few of those with you when you are feeling stressed.  Take time to enjoy some peace and serinity through your eyes without using your ears or having to speak.  Think of how it makes you…


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There Are Days of HOPE and Days of SADNESS

So many loved ones go missing, get abducted, bought and sold into human slave underground industries, and sold into human sex trafficking networks.  Many are never found and many that are found become our Homicide Victims and our Doe Cases that continue to be unresolved.


How do we react to…


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Missing the Missing

I was on Face Book today and I was just watching all the people post and all the things being posted and I realized how much we as a community of networks are doing our best to find and help those that are missing.

What I find truely amazing though is how those who have a person missing are our biggest supporters and our biggest advocates.

This is Thanksgiving day 2010, and on this day I know that there are…


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How will you get through the holiday's with loss in your life?

Its a wonderous thing life is. It's always changing and always evolving, yet in those times of change sometimes we cant move forward with life, life seems to stop us in our tracks.

I dont really remember what year it was that I decided life wasnt going to do that to me any more, but I decided that doing something with life was much better than doing nothing at…


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Paying for Their Stay after they Victimize you. (A family pays the ultimate price)

I have been doing this work for about 7 years now. I have been working with all different types of cases. What I know is that I see way more rights for People who committ violent crimes than I actually do for the ones they victimize.

It's sad to think that a perpetrator can murder some childs father, or mother, that they can sexually assault both the mother, and the child, and get life in prison. While they are there they can:…


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We are above 750,000 children a year missing and counting.

In america today we have over 750,000 reported missing children each year. Now that is of the stats done in 2002. I am sure at this point the numbers have grown. So, where are our children going?

There have been so many theories as to what has happened and is happening to our children, but the truth is there are actually several things happening to them. Like a needle in a haystack so to speak, they are…


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Explain To Me Why We Are Getting Rid Of Important Information!

Can anyone please give me a reason why our juvenile systems around the united state get rid of important information.

The other day a friend of mine and I had been working on a Doe Case together, and we try to update each other on what we have found frequently. I got a call from her and as we were going through the information on this particular…


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Why arent there any sites specifically for Missing people considered to be non missing by Law Enforcemnt

Today I was speaking to a friend on the phone about a specific Missing persons case, and I had been thinking about this for such a long time now. As we were talking I said why dont we have a place out there for Missing persons cases that the police wouldnt accept as being a missing person for whatever reason they might have.

I know…


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Unsolved Homicides of Lewis County Washington. Many Cold Cases.

Monica Anderson Homicide

  1. Victim: MONICA (NMI) ANDERSON, DOB: 11-25-1951, W/F
  2. Case #: 84C6881
  3. Date of Occurence: Missing: 06-25-1984 / Found: 08-12-1984
  4. Location: Chehalis River north of Galvin, WA and south of…

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I have to go back to a time and a place.

I realized yesterday that I must go backwards at times to go forwards at times. I realized that sometimes out of just needing to remember I have so much more to look forward to now than I did in the past. I need to remember it also for the lessons it has taught me and to feel that pain once in a while that makes me know how blessed I am when the good times roll.

I was just remembering how the decissions…


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IM ON A MISSION: This Year in 2010 a horrific a rapist and serial killer of teenage girls is about to have the opportunity to be released after serving only 45 years for raping and tourtering and killing 5 or even possibley more teenage girls. I dont want to give him credit so you wont see his name here you will need to read on. Lets stop him.

Serial Killers Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris

By Charles Montaldo, Guide

Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris:… Continue

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Very Suspicious Missing Richard Lee Haynes ( His Parents refuse to help the investigation.)

Richard Lee Haynes Report a Tip

Police Claim Boy Disappeared From His Home

Cody Haynes disappeared from his home on September 12, 2004. That night Cody got into an argument with his father's live-in girlfriend, Marla Jaye Harding for refusing to put away the leftovers and do the dishes. As discipline he had to sit in the kitchen alone until almost midnight then he was then told to go to his second floor room. His four sisters were told… Continue

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What do you think? Can a woman rape a man? A True Case Cenerio.

I was sitting in the living room having a discussion with my Husband today, and I was remembering a case that was in the 1990's of a couple of young missionaries who had been out on there regular visits to some of thier potential church members. It just so happened that the church member was a younger female in her late 20's early 30's somewhere around that age. I remember that they said she had gotten quite a fixation on one of the missionaries and… Continue

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Hello Everyone just needing a little more info for the kit...Coroners

Is there any listings for coroners from every single state? I was just wondering because when searching for a Missing person it is important to also have these numbers. I would like to know of websites etc. If anyone is will to help or has information to post on this matter I am so Needing it. I come and go but I am very busy on this project. Help me if you can please. Hugs.

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I got a note from a friend today, as I am sure many of you did, she was saying that she was so grateful to have us in her life and how we kept her going. I remember being in her shoes a few times, feeling despare and almost untter loneliness. I remember her encouragement at times and I dont think she really knew how strong she was being for others.

I dont know if we realize how strong we are for those we call friends and those we share kindred… Continue

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I need your help I am looking for information to put into the Universal Missing person kit

I need links to Missing persons pages that list banners for people and also where people can place Their Links.

I need listst of non profit agencies that will help missing persons

Governement agencies listings

Search Venues and Social Websites

Local Community Services

Coroners offices

Private Investigative Services

Inspirationa and comfort Sites for families.

These… Continue

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