This is something I wrote many years ago. I posted it once on myspace, but for some reason, I feel it close to my heart tonight. Maybe its the fact that I actually saw the end of the rainbow during a storm tonight? (I don't think I've actually ever witnessed that before, btw) Who knows....

BurgerKings Angel

Trudging unfamiliar streets
Through a town I didn't know
Refusing to admit defeat
'Braving it' for the two
boys I had in tow.

The three of us were backpacking
Hauling lifes survival gear inside
A home is what we were lacking
Yet my despair I had to hide.

Knowing not a single soul
To help us with this plight
"There's Burger King!"
Yelled my nine year old
His face filled with delight.

I didn't want to take them in
As I couldn't afford the food
But my seven year old spied the jungle gym
So I told them what we'd do

The three of us got some water to drink
And set off for the playground
Upon a wooden bench I sat to think
While the boys contentedly ran around

A while later a young boy walked up to me
You just can't imagine my surprise
As the bag he offered over so cautiously
Contained three burgers and some fries

"My mom asked that I give this to you"
He said … quietly slipping away.
"Please remember that God loves you too,
So have a very good day"

"Bryan! Dwayne!" I called to the boys
"Please follow that boy to his mother"
I welled up with emotions inseparable
The tears tracing one upon the other

A few minutes later she came over to me
That angel in simple human clothes
And asked "Don't you have a place to sleep?"
Dwayne informed her we were
Locked out of our home

"Please wait right here for me" She said
That blessed angel without any wings
She turned and simply walked away
Did she even know how much hope
Those few burgers could bring?

About an hour later this angel returned
Beckoning us to follow along
We grabbed our packs and trailed behind
This angel who was trying to right
Something so wrong

Crossing the street, with her guiding our way
We wearily stepped into a motel
She signed us in without question…
Giving us a warm place to dwell!

She made sure we three were settled
Stocked the room with food
That would last us many a day
Then she left, that angel unnamed
Promising that for us she would pray.

I've never seen this woman again
The angel disguised in human form
Yet I know I've felt her
Comforting my heart
The times its felt most weary
and forlorn.


Bryan, Dwayne...if either of you 2 find this place...all I have to say is that I'm sorry. I tried so hard. I called every shelter in the book, first...
I'm not sure how much you boys remember...Do you remember dragging logs and building that lean-to, shoving leaves in all the cracks, to keep out the cold? Do you remember me telling you guys that it was almost like one of our many camping trips?

Sometimes it hurts to be this passive, when I want to just call out the people who stood by and did nothing. But, they have already done their damage. I read it's not good to insult the other parent...and since I have nothing nice to say, it leaves me with silence.


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Comment by Joe Chsiholm on September 27, 2011 at 3:53pm

we're all in this together "-)


Comment by Charlotte on August 12, 2008 at 3:04am
god bless you, mammabear and your little ones blessed by you
Comment by Justme on August 8, 2008 at 8:28pm
I cannot begin to tell you how much that touched my heart. For every horror story we hear, there are angels in disguise doing good with nary a word. Thank you for reminding me how truly blessed I am. This is why I am here, to help in what little ways I can those who cannot speak for themselves. Thank you mammabear.
Comment by Sara Huizenga on August 8, 2008 at 6:04pm
Well, I wouldn't like you so much if you were all candy coated super sweet all the time, so that's good too! ;)
Comment by mammabear on August 8, 2008 at 4:29am
LOL Maggie's Rose...I can be a meaniehead sometimes tho, believe that! ;)
Comment by Sara Huizenga on August 8, 2008 at 12:20am
Mamma, you know how much we truly do love and appreciate you here, I can only hope...because, you are someone I am so proud and honored to look up to. I know that you have taken all the crap life has thrown at you and with your determined, angelic spirt continually transform it into something that will benefit others.

Most EVERYONE would be bitter if they had walked in your shoes.......not you...

Do you have any idea how incredible you are?

so much love and peace...fervently praying for your boys way back home, to you...


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