April Child Abuse Prevention Month (and) The Spirit of Giving To Peace4/ Jim Harnage

JIMANDCAROLPHOTO.pdfApril is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Carolyn and I were trying to get our thoughts together. Our work and ministry is children and domestic violence as well as child support recovery oriented. But we also want to sow seed in other organizations and ministries where there is good soil. Sowing spiritual mustard seed is where we receive our blessings it seems and it is a basic fundamental and Scriptural truth that “we reap what we sow.”
In an effort to maintain our focus on others instead of ourselves God blesses us from many mysterious and most unique avenues and channels. It might be a biker gang or someone who does not even believe in God who is touched by a seed and returns the blessing to us multiplied, pressed down, shaken together, and running over. God is good and we must acknowledge Him from whom all blessings flow.
We noticed this young man, Chad, on Peace4 who is gathering cell phones to donate to crisis situations and we were very touched. How cool is this guy? We can none outdo what God has done for us, God will bless Chad in many ways, and we want to join with Chad in offering our seed to this cause. Though you may feel forgotten and lost God sees and will honor your every post, blog, thought, prayer, and contribution to Peace4. The success is in your attitude, spirit, motivation, and consistency.
As you know Peace4 is raising the monies to apply for 501c 3 status and Peace4 really needs this avenue for its self perpetuation and for the benefit of its’ donors.
Silent Ministries Recovery Outreach has many needs and God meets our needs as we give to others and I hope this inspires someone to follow and then lead others into “the spirit of giving.” The bible says we do not give for our sake or to expect anything back in return but “for our own fruit” in order that we will be blessed in this life. See Philippians 4:17.
Giving is not because we want you to give money, we encourage giving as we are able so that you will receive fruit and a harvest back to you.
Most of all we acknowledge our faith in God. There are no grounds to the theology that if you give God $10 He will give you a $10 blessing nor is there truth to claims that to receive a $1000 blessing from God you must give $1000 to any church, organization, or charity.
It reminds me of Charles White the comedian sitting in front of the TV listening to an evangelist. The evangelist asks “Are you lonely?” Charles said yes out loud. The evangelist continued on, “Are you broke?” Charles shouted yes he’s talking to me! Are you all upset and feel like no one cares?” Charles really sat up in his chair then attentively, hungry, hanging onto every word. Has God told you to give me a thousand dollars asked the TV evangelist? Charles slumped back and said, “Well, at first I thought he was talking to me.”
God does not force or coerce people to give nor does God set limits or amounts to give in order to receive Him. God is unconditional and loves you without your money or gifts and will bless you not because he needs anything you have because God owns the world and you and me. But God asks for your gift…as every individual has ability...because He wants you to have fruit or grow fruit on your tree for others. We cannot buy God and God doesn’t buy us. Jesus’ grace at Calvary took care of that element for ever.

God does not measure blessings in tangible signs.
He first measures our attitude. Do we give in a positive spirit of giving joyfully regardless of the amount? Do we give and hope someone recognizes our giving and praises us? Do we get offended when we do not get our way or a double dose of praise when we give? That is the incorrect purpose of giving our gifts. Our stature is measured by giving in love and bidding the receiver to go in peace and be blessed. As a minister I could say a lot about giving. I love offerings, homecomings, and outside retreats. I get a thrill out of locating a missing person or a child support absconder (dead beat dad) and money feels good in our pockets. But Carolyn and I have been most blessed when we gave as we were able, practically in secret, then God blessed us openly Himself as He saw fit and even then we were thankfully humble. Greatness is measured in morals not money.

In the spirit of giving we have several avenues we wish to give to Peace4 and one can take these ideas with a grain of salt, keep what works and discard the rest.

We have several books, CDs, DVDs, talking book, dealing with Abuse, Pain, Overcoming, that addresses almost all issues of the pain of loss and how to go forward., women’s issues, child abuse issues, health issues, ministry and leadership training, prayer jewelry, phones and other items we will give to each individual who donates any size love offering to Peace4themissing beginning now through April as long as supplies last. At some point we will make this offer to the members and friends to Silent Ministries Recovery Outreach and SMRO’s American Society of Domestic Relations and Enrichment, our newest thrust to improve domestic relationships and address abuse and missing person’s issues.
The catch is that you must offer a location to send these items to. This is no ploy to get your address. You may contact us through Peace4themissing or directly at SMRO P.O.Box 1112 Lake Park, GA 31636, go to our web site at www.silentministries.org/, email us at jharnage7@aol.com, or call and leave a message at 229-559-6832. No we do not have an 800 number.

Some book titles are Against All Hope, Cancer Fitness, Point Last Seen, (A searcher’s progress for missing persons), Mommy‘s Locked in the Bathroom (I use this to teach child abuse prevention before a situation explodes), The Lazarus Child, Net Leadership Training, Inside Every Women (Ten Strengths You Do not Know You Have), Simply Jesus, Songs Steps of Faith by Margaret Becker and many other training and self help materials on the subject of abuse and missing persons.

Finally available online authored by Pastor Jim Harnage of Silent Ministries Recovery Outreach is Physician Heal Thyself (Principles for Christian Professionals) available online and coming soon by Jim Harnage, The Thing About Abuse. These are “for sale” online however, a portion of the proceeds still go to Peace4 our favorite charity.

We also offer to Peace4 members if you need a protection order and cannot afford it please contact Peace4 or SMRO or if you have not collected your court ordered child support or need info on your state child support let us know through Peace4 or SMRO. We will also make enquiry into your missing person case for you. We must have certain info to do so. All these offerings are to promote God’s goodness, peace for the families and children and Peace4themissing, battered and abused children and women.
To receive these services you must be a member of Peace4themissing so recruit your friends. Legal services require a signed contract.
Now, back to the spirit of giving…pray for Peace4, the members, SMRO as we undertake some mammoth tasks, and those missing as well as the victims and families left without a word from Law Enforcement of their cases. Please, just a quick word of praise to God and a lesson indetermination. I had lost all hope of locating a deadbeat dad running from supporting his children. The mopther was sick, and the grandparents were supporting the kids on Grandad's didsability while this individual lived high on the hog with assets in texas. At 3 AM Saturday moring I found him and can offer God praise and the mother hope. we are in the process of having him arrested and held responsible. God makes a way when we can not locate a way. Psalms 77:19 says, You, God even make a way in our greatest storms. I believe in miracles.

Love all
Jim and Carolyn
Pray for The Peace of Jerusalem

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Comment by Sara Huizenga on March 23, 2009 at 2:48pm
Thank You, Jim! This is wonderful!


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