What do you do, When they tell you to give up?

No, this isn't your personal story, it's not your own heart's passion, you most likely haven't a clue who I am, let alone who my Dad is...so why should you care? Why should you pause to hear my cry for help, why should you feel the passion we now live for, why should you care?

I recognize that...to some extent I understand...that's my struggle here...that is the pause behind each letter I here now type.

How can I help you feel our pain? What can I say to help you see? Who should I most concentrate reaching out to? Where should the majority of these efforts be directed?

There's a story to be told, this story may not be your own, but this story will touch you, it will make you a better you, if you listen.
Will you listen? Will you pause? Will your own heart feel the passion? Will your own voice, join mine? I have this amazing Dad, he's not just my whole world, he's also the universe of so many others. So many others, to whom he so unselfishly reached out to, so many lives that he never thought twice about blessing with his own.

My Dad is a humble man, his actions have never been for his own benefit. He just does, doesn't overanalyze why he performs "good samaritan" acts. It literally is just a part of him, he doesn't know of any other way...to live.

He is my pride, he is my hero, my teacher, my mentor, my light...always pointing towards the things that matter most, in the most natural, easiest to follow manner.

If I have any good in me, he put it there. If I am ever able to positively touch another, it is only because he's shown me how.

My Dad has AML, Leukemia...and it won't go away. And now these new leaders of him, the ones who seemingly have held his life ever since this ugly devil of a disease crept into it, they can't do anything more to make him better. Medically speaking, we're supposed to give up.

How do you that? Just give up?

How do you give up on someone who from all outward appearances is healthy and strong? How do you accept the ending for someone who eagerly anticipates so much more life? How do you close an unfinished story, how do you snuff out an eternal flame?

You don't, you can't...and that...well, maybe...that...is it.

You don't, you can't, we can't...we fall to the ground, we're helpless, we're lost, we have no other choice, we're violently struck with the truth that the one we thought we could save has seen all along.

Only HE can, only God, no mankind, no human, no science, no notion, no earthly efforts all on their own...just Him, only God. And He has been there all along, He's been waiting for everyone else to notice Him. Patiently, strongly, quietly waiting...to embrace us, to respond to our fervent cries...forever and always, He's been there.

Waiting for the light to come on, the "in your face" recognition that only one can work Miracles, only Him.
And He, this miracle worker, our God, the only true light, he whispers in this darkness, to share...to tell the story of the man He made, to share my gift here on earth, my Dad, with others walking this rough, heart wrenching, fallen land. This Dad I have, this amazing man, our Papa...his story...it needs to be shared.

Will you help us share his story?

Please join my one small voice, together we are stronger, together we will be heard.
Will you?

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Comment by Emma on January 6, 2009 at 12:37am
Can someone tell me how to get my missing Son of ten years the 17 on here Please.

Thank you
Comment by Emma on January 6, 2009 at 12:35am
My Husband got sick in 1982 got him to Dr. that set up four tomagram, I knew what it was for it a special Xray to see in spots in lungs the first one I got a call said they cancelled it I told her I had medical terms and I knew what this was for and ask her if they were sure he did not have cancer she said yes then they cancelled two more then the fourth on we went get it done and she cancelled it so he lived about two years no pain medication and I will never forget the look on my Husband face when DR. told him it was all in his head a few months later it made it way to Glans and he was gone in a few months after that. There are so many Dr. in to medical because money and rush PT. in and out they really do not care , there may be a few dose.


Comment by Gwen Johnson on January 5, 2009 at 11:17pm
The fight goes on it is a worthy battle and to be victorious that is the whole of everthing. I had a friend tell me today that has breast cancer and cervical cancer she is in end stage 5, she said I had to break up with someone I had been with for a long time...she said I had to say good bye to cancer. What a powerful statement.
Comment by Gwen Johnson on January 4, 2009 at 11:06pm
Maggie You know I told you about my parents. I know something I didnt know before everything happend. I know that my parents have never been with me more. There isnt a story or a change in the season that i dont remember them just as though they were here. The smell of fresh brewed coffee or just the crispness of a fall morning walking on grass full of ice that doesnt remind me of my father. There isnt a time when Breakfast is cooking and I feel sick that I know a part of my mother is right there with me, and best of all when I look at my children I never feel my parents any closer than if they were here.
Comment by Sara Huizenga on January 4, 2009 at 7:50pm
Wow, thank you so much, I cannot express just how much all of your words mean, thank you...xoxoxo
Comment by Milkman on January 4, 2009 at 12:43pm
You are such a strong and determined woman. Your father must be so proud of you.

At some point medical science has to give up. But the fire of hope inside you should never give up. Life is truly and always worth fighting for.

Your father and your fight will be in our thoughts and prayers.
Comment by Carol on January 4, 2009 at 1:58am
Maggie you are giving your father the greatest gift - you are giving him the opportunity to know exactly how you feel now-while he's still here. You have a gift that so many of us lose as we grow older-you are able to speak from the heart. That in itself is a tribute to what wonderful parents you must have.
Comment by Sara Huizenga on January 4, 2009 at 12:42am
Jim, that's beautiful, totally makes sense, my Anna's middle name is Grace for that very reason, thanks so much for sharing, I am so blessed to be on the receiving end of your Christlike wisdom...

Thank You all for the hugs, the hope, the compassion, so grateful...
Comment by Sara Huizenga on January 4, 2009 at 12:39am
Oh that makes me cry, as my Anna says "happy tears" thank-you...xoxoxoo
Comment by Amy Matthews on January 4, 2009 at 12:33am
Maggie sweetheart I sincerely feel the pain you feel I wish there was a way to stop time. You are giving your dad the best gift a child can give a parent and I know he is so proud of the women you have become. When his time comes he will know that he will live on through you not just in your heart, but through your actions and generous heart. He is proud of you. My love to you and your father and the family. ~ Hugs~ Amy


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