Anniston, Alabama, Wednesday August 12 edition of the Anniston Star.

Anniston police on Tuesday were investigating a domestic assault in which a man allegedly beat his wife and prevented her leaving fro more than 21 hours. The woman tried to leave the home several times, police said, but her husband kept attacking her and preventing her exit.....The final paragraph stated: "Police were unsure of what charge related to keeping her in the home they would bring against the man.

I've become friends with a local investigator after several reports to him of my domestic violence situation. He said, "Karen over half of the calls we respond to concern domestic violence." Another investigator said, "One of the biggest problems we have is after we've locked the abuser up, he appears in court with social workers who want to give this violent man "another chance" and offer anger management classes. Abuse is so much more than anger. Those who resort to violence have more than an anger management problem. The abuser doesn't get angry at the postman when he is 30 minutes late delivering the mail.

I know you guys truly want to help put an end to domestic violence. So, here are a few of my thoughts on keeping women safe.

Forgive me for deleting most of this post. It was a work in progress and I goofed on the Post date. Please forgive me. I intended to send the letter to Lynn Rosenthal, Advisor for the DOJ Violence Against Women.
Freedom is what I want for the women I call sisters in kind.

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Comment by karen rae elkins on August 16, 2009 at 11:58am
Forgive me for deleting most of this post. It was a work in progress and I goofed on the Post date. Please forgive me. I intended to send the letter to Lynn Rosenthal, Advisor for the DOJ Violence Against Women.

Melissa, I read the stories about your situation. I'm so proud of you for the work you did to bring this good ole boy down. You did the right thing. I didn't have your courage and never signed papers to put my x in jail. I hate how the system dumbs down broken bones. In a former post I said, it only takes one hit the wrong way to end a life. Stay strong my sister. Let your experience bring you up not down. My gf Katrina (I call her sis) says, "One day Karen, you can tell him thank you for being such an asshole." Look at the woman I've become. Cheers.
Comment by Melissa McShane on August 16, 2009 at 1:13am
Another note if you like read about my husband, Jeffrey Poliskiewicz just Google his name for information. The DA and prosecuting attorney never met with me on evidence and the prosecuting attorney and DA knew what happened for 10 months and was covering up my case in the desk and would NEVER talk to me until I went to National Press. I should have never talk to DA and taken evidence to FBI and ATF. The DA in Northampton County covers up crime all the time on these DV cases. He is a liar. Boy, wait until they see what happens next. I am not fearful, because I have done nothing wrong only their MALE "Good Ole Boy" LIES....only of the lies and misuse of power in their elected positions. They will lose. Just wait and see.
Comment by Melissa McShane on August 16, 2009 at 1:06am
As read yours, it was the same as mine the divorce, the my social security number, my cellular phone numbers, my car, and his police and sheriff friends following me and tracking me. They continually intimidate me with their power and threats to arrest me for no reason. Their are MANY women now in the same state in this "Good Ole Boy" is unbelieveable that men in power and politics can continually misuse their positions to do whatever they want to cover up for their friends. They illegally shred court records, court transcripts and laugh directly in your face. They make threats to you...and you are abused again. The courts are NOT handling Domestic Violence right and when CORRUPT DA's are in office they cover up the violent crimes of abusers in the county. Their is no one to report the DA' s mishandlings and cover up of crime. The DA in the state of PA is immune per state law. God help all these men in power in Pennsylvania. God knows who is mistreating these women and children. The plague will come down upon them soon.
Women have to stand up now together - RALLY on Washington for Domestic Violence and Speak Out has I continue to do. WE need to Rally now...Now is the time!
Comment by Christy Hotchkiss on August 15, 2009 at 6:36pm
Many many steps and twists but you are strong and are perservering! So many do not know aboout these situations nor do they understand and yes there is SO much politics and graft and good old boy stuff everywhere!!! Suck up and you get in the click! PLUS! The ambassadors the messengers yhose who have been through it all are the ones who CAN carry the messages get the truth out Come on America WAKE UP! WE cannot afford to say this kind of hateful, evil controlliing sick behavior is OK on his part the man should be forced to get counseling forcd to go to a shrink and attend for at least two years! Give him a tracking braclet!!
he is angry he is jealous he is insecure and wants to destroy what capabilities you have you are just a woman you can't do that! Stand tall yes many rough patches wish I was closer I would give you a hug Stay with Peace 4 too many here who are great and care!
Comment by Maureen Reintjes-Peace4 Admin on August 15, 2009 at 2:07pm

I so admire you. Look at you. You're coming through this abuse by becoming someone who will be a catalyst for change.

1 strike rule is what abuser's need thrown at them. Any crime of control needs the 1 strike rule as there is NO rehabilitation for these monsters.

A National Defend Yourself program is being tried. Right here in Johnson County, KS there is a national incentive through the Ali Kemp Education Foundation (T.A.K.E.) See my blog:

But I think as good as this initiative is it falls way short. Self defense classes should be taught in the schools from preschool through college. Mandatory classes in self defense would be the only way to put the evil among us on alert that we are not all their potential victims.

As far as the courts go all I can say is I never knew about courts until my own situation. I grew up in a world of knowing few divorced or abused people or child custody suits let alone criminals. My knowledge of the courts is zilch. But just in my own situation what I'm seeing is that the courts treat women as second class citizens. We are the evil ones. We have no rights. Our cases are decided before we even get a chance to tell our stories. I lived a life where men and women were equal, it was the way I was brought up in my home, in my community and what I carried into my own family. Now my life is being decided in a podunk good old boy's town and I have no voice. Granted my case does not involve physical abuse but it does involve, through the act of my husband going maliciously missing, extreme emotional abuse. You would think the courts would be on my side but oh no I may have to pay alimony and pay all legal fees for my husband. I'm the evil one and the courts are slapping my husband on the back and saying "son, job well done." For the hell I've been through I couldn't imagine going through this and being treated by the courts this way had I been a victim of physical abuse. I certainly can't imagine and don't even want to think about what I would have done had my children been minors and the courts tried to give them over to my abuser. It wouldn't have happened as I would have gone against court order and ran for the border...not saying that's the best solution but I just know that's what I would have done.

I commend you Karen on looking down the road at the big picture and striving to make changes for all. And, through it all you still pursue your dreams.....that's amazing!



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